Who Won The Lions, Rams Blockbuster Trade?


Last week, it was reported that the Los Angeles Rams and Detroit Lions agreed to a deal that would send Matthew Stafford to the Rams. In return, Detroit received two first-round draft picks, a third-round pick, and quarterback Jared Goff. After Stafford requested a trade this offseason, most speculated the Lions would move forward in this direction. Still, the return value has come as a surprise.

With that, how did each team make out?

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Detroit Lions

Detroit now finds itself in a place of luxury. They have put themselves in a position to quickly rebuild through the NFL Draft, building a solid core if they hit these next few years. This pairs perfectly with bringing in a new head coach in Dan Campbell; someone who you hope brings a winning culture with him.

We know that on offense, the Lions want to build around a strong running game. This is aided by bringing in long-time Philadelphia Eagles running backs coach Duce Staley. This ties into Jared Goff, who has had plenty of struggles throughout his young career. When he has been provided with a strong running game, Goff can be a competent quarterback. The perfect example of that is when he was under center during the Rams’ Super Bowl run.

Obviously, there is a reason the Rams felt they needed to get rid of him. His inability at times to make the right read has been part of the problem. In addition, Goff has previously struggled when under pressure. Even when it doesn’t result in interceptions, it often leads to stalled out drives.

I assume the hope is that Goff preforms adequately in order to allow the run game to shine. Whether this plan is wise is to be seen. Obviously, most teams have focused on the pass in recent years, but we have seen other contenders such as the Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks rely on their run game.

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Los Angeles Rams

Matthew Stafford brings a level of talent that Jared Goff just hasn’t shown as of late. Whether it’s his ability to throw the deep ball or make veteran-like reads, Stafford theoretically brings more than stability to the Rams’ offense. He brings both positive and negative experiences with him; with the key word being ‘experience’.

The Rams have no first round picks until 2024, which will mark their seventh consecutive offseason without a first-round pick. Already up against the cap, Los Angeles needs to find a way to reach the Super Bowl with minimal roster changes. Stafford, 32, will need to be prepared to play his best football to date.

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