Who won in the Titans-Eagles trade?


It’s not breaking news now that the Titans traded WR Dorial Green-Beckham was traded from the Titans to the Eagles earlier this week.

However, something that people haven’t brought up is who exactly won in this trade? Did the Titans win by adding offensive line depth in Dennis Kelly or did the Eagles win by getting a potentially elite receiver in Green-Beckham?  The answer isn’t really clear because as a fan neither team won, but as a GM both teams got what they wanted.

The Eagles were desperate for a decent receiver and the Titans want to add depth to their line, so it all looks good. However, as fans looking at Green-Beckham there are many problems. He showed up out of shape, has struggled to run routes, refuses to watch film, etc. He has a BIG attitude problem, but there is a glimmer of hope that he can fix his attitude and if he does he has the bigger upside here.

However, things are not that simple for Dennis Kelly. It’s understood that it’s not the Eagles who gave away Kelly, rather the Eagles wanted Green-Beckham and Kelly happened to be the player the Titans wanted. Why Dennis Kelly? Coach Mike Mularkey had this is say about the trade:

“I felt good about him when we discussed making this (trade). I watched tape of him. I felt good about watching him play, his style. I thought he would fit with what we do.”

“He’s played, started games, he was in the second series against Tampa and played a good portion of the first half. I liked what he did there. Again, he’s very similar, in versatility. If somebody better comes across the waiver wire, we’re going to go snag him if we can. We’re going to try to improve this roster every day.”

It’s very obvious the Titans are really keying in on building their line and bringing smash mouth back into Tennessee and this trade was just another piece to the puzzle for Mularkey and company. They’ll keep looking to add depth, especially after the injuries of last season on the line (specifically the center position) and current injuries to players like Byron Bell and Josue Matias.

As far as the Eagles go, they’re in a “win now” situation almost. They want a receiver that will come in and make their WR core look immediately better without thinking for about the long-term effects of the trade. Yet, at the end of the day it’s a low-risk with a possible high reward.


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