Who Will be the Top 10 Quarterbacks of the Future?(#10-6)


Without a good quarterback in the NFL these days, it has become almost impossible to win games. Throughout the past decade, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees have reigned as the cream of the crop at the quarterback position. However, despite their greatness, they will not be able to do this forever. When the time comes, they will have to pass on the torch to the next great quarterbacks. Here are the top 10 quarterbacks for the future:
10. Matt Ryan 
Matt Ryan is already a top quarterback in the NFL and has been consistently good for quite a few years now. People often forget that Ryan is only 30 years old. Ryan has a young receiver core led by Pro Bowl wide receiver Julio Jones, so you can expect Ryan to still be a top 10 quarterback in years to come.
 9. Teddy Bridgewater 
Bridgewater was the best rookie quarterback in 2014 and he looks poised to improve and take the next step in his development next year. As a rookie, he played in a very conservative offense much like Russell Wilson. He also showed solid athleticism and very good accuracy in his rookie season on short passes, showing everyone that that he is going to be a great quarterback one day.
8. Marcus Mariota 
Much like Bridgewater, I would like to think the Titans will use Mariota exactly how the Seahawks are using Russell Wilson. If they do, I believe that much like Wilson, Mariota will be an elite quarterback. Looking at his play from his Heisman trophy winning year at Oregon, the Ducks used him in Oregon’s spread offense, allowing him to make minimal mistakes and put up impressive stats throwing and rushing the ball. A lot of people see this type of offense that he ran in college as a negative when looking forward to his pro career. Personally, I disagree.
7. Cam Newton 
It has been an up and down first four years for Cam Newton, mainly because of injuries. That doesn’t mean we can overlook his injuries and say that he will be an elite quarterback in years to come, because with the way Newton plays, he is likely to have recurring injuries. At the same time, Newton can not be ignored when it comes to future top quarterbacks. He’s one of the best rushing quarterbacks in the league, and he has led the Panthers to two consecutive NFC South division titles. He still needs to develop his passing game more, but he is only 26 years old and has shown promise in those areas.
6. Ryan Tannehill                              Maybe a little surprised to see Tannehill this high? Don’t be. Tannehill for the most part had an extremely impressive 2014 season and took a big leap forward. Although he still has a lot of improvements left to make, don’t be surprised if Tannehill builds upon his 4,045 yard and 27 touchdown season and becomes a top tier quarterback in the next few years. Tannehill has a very high skill level, the one big knock on him has been his ability to throw down field with accuracy. He will also hopefully have a much improved receiver core and offensive line in the next few years,  which will certainly boost Tannehill’s numbers. 

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