Who Should Be The New SmackDown General Manager?


Just days before the WWE Draft, there are a lot of talk going on about who will be the new SmackDown and Raw General Manager. With Stephanie McMahon running Raw as commissioner, it is quite apparent that she will pick her husband Triple H as the Raw GM. On the other side, Shane McMahon will be running SmackDown as commissioner, but who will he pick as his brands GM? Here are a few options of who I think would make a great SmackDown GM.

5 Vickie Guerrero 

Debuting at 2005 as Eddie Guerrero‘s wife, Guerrero was involved in plenty of storylines during her time with the WWE. While in the company, Guerrero was named the General Manager of Raw and SmackDown several times. During her time as General Manager, she was always the heel until her last run where she had a short run as a face. She helped guys like Edge win the world title. Even though Vickie is the least popular of the five people listed, she would be a pretty good choice to become SmackDown General Manager. The reason why she is listed low on this list is because Shane McMahon wants SmackDown to be for the fans, and as we all know Guerrero was almost always against the fans.

4 Paul Heyman 

It’s hard to think that Heyman was ever managing anything besides Brock Lesnar, but there was a time from 2003-2004 where Heyman was the General Manager of SmackDown, taking over for Stephanie. Just like Guerrero, Heyman was your typical heel General Manager that always does favors for the heels and stacks the deck on the face superstars. Something that Heyman has over Guerrero is the ability to hype up the crowd as a heel with his amazing mic skills. One thing that could be a problem here: Heyman is already busy with Lesnar, so it’s a good chance that the company will want to stick him to just being his manager. But how great would it be if we had Heyman as the GM of SmackDown?

3 Kurt Angle 

This would be a long shot, but if the WWE could pull this off this would be amazing. While Angle was recovering from neck problems in 2004, he was named SmackDown General Manager. During his time as GM, just like Heyman and Guerrero, he was the heel GM costing people matches, and more importantly, costing Eddie Guerrero his WWE Championship. During his time with the company, he spent most of it being on SmackDown, making a big name for himself. While being the face of SmackDown for a while, he produced good matches. The problem with this is Angle is scheduled to be taking independent wrestling dates soon. So, the chances of him coming back to the WWE are not very good. Something good to point out here: just a couple years ago Angle and the company were in talks of him coming back to the company. A big reason why both sides could not get a deal done is because Angle only wanted to sign to a part-time contract while the company only wanted him back to a full-time contract.

2 Edge 

Retiring in 2011, Edge was always remembered for being one of the greatest superstars the company ever had. In 2007, Edge showed up on an episode of SmackDown even though he was a Raw superstar at the time. He cashed in his Money In The Bank Briefcase on The Undertaker winning The World Heavyweight Championship. Ever since winning the championship, Edge made a name for himself on the blue brand, becoming the face of SmackDown until he was drafted back to Raw in 2010. Edge would be a pretty good choice to become SmackDown General Manager, since the fans really want to see him back in the WWE in some way and since Edge was the face of SmackDown for a long time, it would feel right to make him GM of that brand.

1 Daniel Bryan 

Now if you want to talk about the new era, and the new era being all about the fans, there is no choice more perfect for SmackDown General Manager than fan favorite Daniel Bryan. Before retiring earlier this year, Bryan was one of the biggest superstars the company had. A big reason behind this is because of his underdog story and everything that he had to deal with in the company. Bryan really connected with the fans, quickly making him a big fan favorite. Right now, Bryan is currently on commentary for the Cruiserweight Classic that the company is putting on. Since Bryan can not wrestle anymore, why don’t you make him an General Manager? With Stephanie most likely naming Triple H as the Raw GM, it seems only fitting Shane names Bryan as SmackDown GM with the history he has with Steph and HHH.  After the classic ends, Bryan will have nothing to do with the company, so naming him GM will keep him active in the company and the fans will be happy to see him back doing something in WWE.

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