Who is the Second Half MVP of the Titans?


The Tennessee Titans are 2 games away from clinching their first playoff birth since 2008. This has come to flourish due to a strong second half of the season. There have been many players to step up the second half, but who takes home the MVP? Let’s break down some of the potential candidates:

Marcus Mariota: The Titans QB has had one of the best stretches in Football in the second half of the season. Since Week 8, the QB has thrown for 13 TD’s, 1723 yards (246 yards per game), and only 3 INT’s with a game average passer rating of 104.6 and a completion percentage of 62.3% through those 7 games. He is a HUGE factor in the win surge by the Titans.

DeMarco Murray: A huge reason the Titans can win is due to the opening up of the run game. That is largely due to DeMarco Murray, who is 2nd in the league in rushing. In the second half of the season, Murray has rushed for 591 yards (Averaging 84 yards per game) with 4 rushing touchdowns while having 169 receiving yards and 1 REC touchdown, along with 1 passing touchdown (Yes, he threw for 1 touchdown during this 7 game stretch).

Taylor Lewan: This pick may come as a shock for many. It is probably shocking because Taylor Lewan has played at a stellar level all year, so why he would be the second half MVP could cause some questions to arise. However, it’s what Taylor Lewan has done less of is what has caused him to be here. What’s that? He’s committed less stupid penalties than he previously committed, which caused the Titans to lose games.

In the Raiders game, he had a costly penalty late in the game that more or less led them to losing the game, and shoved an official against Green Bay, which led to Lewan getting ejected. However, when a fight broke out in the Broncos game, Lewan sat down at the 50 yard line, away from the fight, to show he has grown and is over his days of stupid ejections. This growing, along with his stellar level of play brings him into large consideration.

Final Winner: Taylor Lewan

Yes, Taylor Lewan has been awarded the Second Half of the Season MVP due to his cutting down of stupid penalties and ejection and keeping his level of play at the same “elite level”.


(Photo: George Walker IV / The Tennessean)

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