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Who is Next for Deontay Wilder?


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Since their fight ended in a draw which had to be one of the best boxing fights to happen for the heavyweight division and titles. Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury have both either fought or are close to fighting, but what every fan just want to see is these two collide once again, and to get see who truly is the best out of the two.

With 42 fights, 40 knockouts, a decision and a draw. Wilder is the current WBC heavyweight champion with 9 defenses and a close to perfect boxing career for himself, after getting his toughest in Fury, not only went did it go the distance again, but was ruled a draw which many saw it as the biggest robbery on both fighters.

Fury joins a long list of British boxers who’ve not only changed the sport of boxing, but have also helped make a difference for not only his own self, but to all the communities that he’s involved in. With 28 fights, 19 knockouts and 9 times going the distance with a draw. Fury could quite possibly be one of the reasons why the heavyweight division has been doing so well.

Last Saturday night at Barclays center featured the undefeated WBC Heavyweight champ Wilder defend his title against Dominic Breazeale who was stopped in the very first round in a way that impresses Mike Tyson. Wilder then spoke about the possibility of a rematch with Fury, and an opportunity to fight against the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO and IBO Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua who is undefeated as well.

But, before anyone can talk those fights being close to happening, 2 men from that situation have to stay undefeated in the next title defense that they have. Those 2 men being Joshua and Fury, on June 1st, it’ll be Joshua vs Andy Ruiz in the US debut for Joshua at Madison Square Garden. But on June 15th, it’ll be Fury taking on Tom Schwartz in Las Vegas for the lineal heavyweight title.

If victorious, Joshua will not only retain, but be 23-0 in his boxing career. If Fury retains, he will be 28-0 and after his successful title defense, Wilder’s now 41-0 which brings high expectations for all 3 men who want to be better than the other.

Whoever does get the next fight between these 3 men will result in an even bigger pay day for the next fight which would be to see who is the greatest Heavyweight champion of all time in boxing today. It could either be Wilder vs Fury II, Joshua vs Wilder or Joshua vs Fury which all result with a big pay day for all 3 men, but also the sacrifice that could change the careers of all 3 men forever.

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