Where Will Dwayne Wade End up?


It’s about time for Dwayne Wade’s decision to be made. He’ll be meeting with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday, and the New York Knicks want him too. The Cavaliers aren’t able to give him as much money as the Knicks will. He’s hoping all goes well and smooth while negotiating with Cleveland. But where will Wade end up? Knicks or Cavaliers?

But let’s get into talk of next season. If Wade does go to Cleveland, will LeBron and Wade be the same as they were in Miami, or will they have their moments of playing 2 on 5 ball like they occasionally did?

I feel like if Wade does go to Cleveland, they do have a chance to be just about as good as the Golden State Warriors will be. But who knows, maybe he’ll surprise everyone and go to the Knicks. It’s most likely not happening, but who knows.

But now let’s get back to the Cleveland negotiation. I think the main reason he wants to go to the Cavs is not because of the team, the coach, or the community, but because of LeBron. He wants to be reunited with his buddy and demolish the competition.

But the thing is, Wade is getting older. Not too much longer and he’ll start to lose his touch just like Kobe Bryant did. Then, not long after that, he’ll retire. Wade may be getting old, but he’s still a heck of a player and a great guy on and off the court.

Hey, maybe Wade will stay in Miami, but I think he wants to be with LeBron. That’s the only thing about it all. But imagine: Kyrie Irving, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson. Sounds like a killer line up right there. But for Wade and his decision, I hope he likes it in the long run and good luck to him in the future!

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

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