Where Does Romo Rank Among Cowboys Quarterbacks?


As reported, Dallas Cowboys veteran quarterback Tony Romo has been released by the franchise, and intends to join Jim Nantz and CBS in the booth during the 2017-18 season. With Romo stepping away from the game he has been a part of since 2003, some, including Jerry Jones, are considering him as one of the greatest Cowboys quarterbacks of all time. Where does he sit among the best? Here is The Athletes Hub rankings of the best Cowboys QB’s of all time:

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1. Roger Staubach (1969-79)

Often referred to as “Captain America” or “Captain Comeback”, Staubach is widely accepted as the best Dallas Cowboys quarterback of all time. Leading the franchise to five Super Bowl runs, including two wins, the eleven-year veteran was known for putting up extraordinary numbers.

Staubach was originally selected in the tenth round of the 1964 NFL Draft, but would not play for Dallas until 1969 due to a four-year military commitment. Eventually receiving playing time in 1971, Staubach would take over for Craig Morton, in which he lead the Cowboys to win ten straight, as they went on to defeat the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl Six for their first franchise Super Bowl victory.

The end of Staubach’s career would be in 1979, just after he recorded career-high numbers in completions (267), passing yards (3,586), and touchdown passes (27) that season. The 37-year old felt no need to come back one more time, even after the Cowboys were coming off of an upset against the Rams in the divisional round of the playoffs. It would come out later on that Staubach had suffered at least twenty concussions during his time in the NFL.

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2. Troy Aikman (1989-00)

Selected first overall in the 1989 NFL Draft, the UCLA graduate was destined for success as soon as his name was called upon. After the Danny White era, Dallas put all their eggs in Aikman’s basket, and early on, they almost began to regret it.

Aikman was thrown into the fire during his second season with the Cowboys, as he would post a disappointing 56.6 completion percentage to go along with his 11 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. Over the years, Aikman would adjust his game and lead what is known as “America’s Team” to three of their five total Super Bowl titles. Playing alongside talents such as Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin, the Cowboys were able to create one of the top dynasties in the history of the NFL.

Selected to six straight Pro Bowls (1991-6), Aikman would retire after twelve seasons, posting a career QBR of 81.6. With nearly 33,000 passing yards under his belt, Aikman was inducted to the NFL Hall of Fame in 2006.

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3. Tony Romo (2003-16)

Controversial to some, Romo is actually going to go down (statistically) as one of the best Cowboys quarterbacks of all time. Leading the franchise in passing yards (34,183), touchdown passes (248), and QBR with a minimum of 500 attempts (97.1), Romo was an absolute monster when he remained healthy. The biggest case against Romo was his ability to only win two playoff games, but outside of that, Romo consistently came up in the big moments and proved to be one of the ten best quarterbacks on a yearly basis.

How will his legacy be remembered? By the failed extra point against Seattle in 2006? The time he threw five interceptions against Chicago in 2012? Sure, that’s one way to go. How about the time Romo threw for 506 yards and 5 touchdowns in the loss to Denver in 2013? The time he punctured his lung against the 49ers in 2011 and brought the team back in overtime to win the game? His legacy is a rollercoaster, but he will be remembered as one of the best quarterbacks in Cowboys history.

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4. Danny White (1976-88)

Drafted in the 174 NFL Draft, most don’t know that the Cowboys originally intended to start White as the Cowboys punter. Refusing to do so, White would sign for a team in the World Football League for a higher salary, but would return to the Cowboys just two seasons later, as the WFL went out of business.

Sitting behind Staubach for a few years, White would become the starter after Staubach retired in 1980. The fans were so used to witnessing greatness with Staubach, so you can only imagine the pressure that sat on White to carry on his legacy of winning. 

The best case for White was that he carried the Cowboys to three straight NFC Championship games. On the other hand, the franchise never advanced to the Super Bowl with White under center. After retiring in 1988, White would register 21,259 passing yards, 155 touchdowns, and 132 interceptions.

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5. Don Meredith (1960-68)

Drafted 32nd overall by the Chicago Bears in the 1960 NFL Draft, the Cowboys would give up a compensation pick for Meredith, which would lead to the Cowboys eventually being put on the map. Sitting behind Eddie LeBaron, Meredith would be called upon by head coach Tom Landry in 1963 to start for the franchise.  Three years later, the Cowboys and Meredith would find themselves in the postseason, in which they lost to the Packers in what was known as the “Ice Bowl”.

Although he doesn’t have a ring to his name, Meredith was one of the vintage Cowboys quarterbacks that helped create excitement in the NFL in the 60’s. In nine seasons, Meredith would mark down 17,199 passing yards and 135 touchdowns.

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