Where Do Cavs, Kevin Love Stand Ahead of NBA Trade Deadline?


Ever since the departure of LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers have remained open to the idea of moving on from Kevin Love. Despite being a role model through his actions on and off the court, his inability to stay healthy (along with his current contract) have placed the Cavaliers in an unfortunate position.

This week, it was reported that opposing General Managers around the NBA have questioned Love’s “passion” for the game of basketball.

Love’s contract, age and injury history make him a ‘massive’ risk,” said Forty Eight Minutes’ Sam Amico. “None of the GMs I spoke with have an interest in Love.”

Love, 32, is owed $31.3 million this season. After that, he is still owed a total of roughly $60 million across the following two seasons. With that current compensation in mind, he is averaging 9.5 points, 6.0 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game this season.

Of course, injuries have become a major issue for Love. On Wednesday, it was reported that the veteran has resumed basketball activities after reaggravating his right calf. It has sidelined him for over a month, as his last game played was on December 27th against the Philadelphia 76ers.

“His return to full team participation will be reassessed daily through accompanying rehabilitation and treatment activities,” the Cavs added. “His return to play status will be updated as appropriate.” 

The Cavaliers are in a position to contend for the Eastern Conference Playoffs down the line, as they maintain a 10-11 record to this point. Still, the team’s inability to trade away a five-time All-Star and admitting they’re “willing to take a loss” on trade talks speaks volumes. The NBA Trade Deadline is scheduled for March 25th, and there have been no concrete talks on what Cleveland would ask for in return for Love.

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