Where Can DeMarcus Cousins Go?

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It’s no longer a rumor that DeMarcus Cousins and Sacramento Kings’s Head Coach George Karl are not the best of friends. They have made it well known that they do not like each other, which can only mean that Cousins clearly won’t want to play with Sacramento as long as George Karl is coaching.

After an incident in November with Cousins cursing out Karl, it’s becoming more and more likely that Cousins could be sent off to another team sooner or later. If he did not have a massive four year contract that doesn’t expire until 2018, then maybe the talks of trading Cousins wouldn’t be thought of.

There are three teams rumored to be interested in the 2010 5th overall draft pick:
1. Los Angeles Lakers
2. Boston Celtics
3. Chicago Bulls

All three teams do need that star Center power, and Cousins’ thrive to win would bring whatever team he’s on into the Playoffs.

The Lakers have stated on numerous occasions, that they would trade Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell in an instant if it meant they would get DeMarcus Cousins. The Kings could use both of the Lakers players, as they do not even need another Center with Willie Cauley-Stein on their roster. So the trade to the Lakers would work for both sides of the deal.

The Celtics have numerous 1st round draft picks for the 2016 Draft. This makes them a threat for the top 5 or even top 3 pick in the draft. Trading some of these picks to the Kings, along with a player or two would work in getting DeMarcus Cousins. However, with their draft picks, handling a contract the size of Cousins’ contract is unnecessary as the 2016 draft holds some possible star big men like Jakob Poeltl and Skal Labissiere. So a trade to the Celtics might not work out in the long run for Boston.

The Chicago Bulls have already killed the rumors of wanting Cousins. The Kings do not need anyone from the Bulls, and the Bulls really do not need Cousins, right now. With Mirotic, Gasol, and Noah on the team, Cousins and his contract won’t do any better than what the Bulls currently have.

As of right now, Cousins being traded won’t benefit the Kings in any way. Rondo and Cousins have already built a relationship with one another, and they play very well together on the court. If Cousins did not have any issues with the head coach, the Kings would not have any issues as a team. The chemistry the team shares is great, they play well together on the court and share the ball. They have a great team and with the addition of Rondo this season, it seems likely that we will see the Kings as a possible threat in the 2016 NBA Playoffs.

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