Whats Wrong With the Packers?

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The 2015-2016 NFC North Champions are the Minnesota Vikings, yes you read that correctly. For the last 5 years, that sentence had always ended with the Packers, so what in the world happen?  This season has had a lot go wrong and not enough go right for the 2010 Super Bowl champs, but the question is why?

The Packers have always been a team that was feared because on any given Sunday. They could put up 40 points and make it seem effortless, or they could pull away in the 4th quarter and make it seem as if the game was never close. But 2015-16 was a completely different team, so what are the reasons?

Jordy Nelson: Aaron Rodgers number one target, Packers Leading receiver, a true leader and captain of the team and an all around beast player. What you just heard would normally be the reason a team is winning right? Well the issue with that is Jordy tore his ACL during preseason, which ultimately ended his season and the Packers hopes of having any sort of passing game.

Other Injuries: Sam Barrington, a stud of a linebacker gone for the season due to injury after the first game, leaving the team without another one of its normal captains.  The injury report has been dreadful each and every week, because its always full. Coach McCarthy released the injury report for this weeks wildcard playoff game against Washington Redskins, and fans all over were instantly saddened by seeing this report having a season high 17 players listed. But the biggest impact with injuries has to be the offensive line, because it seems as if nobody can stay healthy.

Coaching: “Wait, your telling me the master McCarthy is to blame?” Yes, McCarthy made a lot of terrible choices this off season. First mistake was keeping defensive coordinator Dom Capers, yes the defense has been pretty good this year. The team haven’t had a great Defense since the first season of  Capers tenure with the team. The second bad choice McCarthy made was firing their receiver coach, his reasoning for doing so was that the QB coach would coach both positions helping the QB,WR chemistry. As we can tell by stats it has ruined it. The last and the worst decision made was giving up the play calling. The Packers offence hasn’t been the same since.

Aaron Rodgers: Yes, Aaron Rodgers, The Sun as 540 ESPN Wisconsin calls him, has played like Brett Favre in a Jets uniform, absolute awful. Hes more worried about not throwing interceptions, that he is just not throwing the ball where is receivers can get to it. Being 100% honest, Rodgers is one of the biggest reasons behind the packers woes this season, and no Olivia Munn has nothing to do with it.

As much as it sucks to think about it, the team are just in a slump and you know what that is  okay. The NFL and the NFC North should be worried next year, because the team are going to fix everything this off season. You can bet the team and Rodgers being normally elite next season.  Something that a lot of people forget is, that the team still has a game to play this week.  This season looks mighty familiar to that 2010 season, when they won Super Bowl XLV. So dont be surprised if they win it all.

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