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ESPN’s First Take did a two hour special edition of their show speaking on the violence in minority communities. A multitude of names spoke up about this National EPIDEMIC. The show was absolutely phenomenal. If you didn’t get to watch the show, I’d suggest you find a way to do so.

There has been quite a bit of athletes also who’ve been speaking up on the issues going in the black community, and have done a beautiful job in doing so. Michael Jordan recently donated $2 million dollars to groups who are working to end police-related shootings. Jordan’s prescence was an absolutely necessity, considering he is recognized by much of the population as the great basketball player to ever play the game.

One man that has to be celebrated, regardless of what everyone thinks of him as a basketball player, is LeBron James. James donated $41 million two weeks to ago, to send 1,100 kids to college. He just recently made another donation, donating 5,000 shoes to kids bullied for wearing Harden shoes. James has put his money where his mouth is in a very big way, while also speaking out on the issues. Multiple other athletes such as Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and more, also have spoken up on these issues as well.

When you think about the effort being made by all of these powerful public figures and STILL get the same result in violence going on in the world, it really just shows that some public figures speaking up just simply isn’t enough. The only way for change to happen is that EVERYONE must speak up and make an effort for change. Every athlete, public figure, or average Joe must make an effort. We need more voices and more effort being made and heard or else these problems will never go away.

There have been reports stating that the NFL discourages it’s players from speaking out on these issues going on in the world. However, if every NFL player decided to speak up one the issue, will the league fire every body? If every elite player was released from their contract for speaking up, the NFL would lose tons of money and would be viewed as a nuisance to society and could potentially go out of business with everyone boycotting the company.

If everyone speaks out, these issues would have no other choice, but to be solved and dealt with. If 40% of a corrupted companies employees walks out, the company could just hire another 40% or increase the workload on the other 60%. However, if everyone threatens to walk out the door, the company must either change it’s way or close the company altogether.

That idea can absolutely be applied to the world that we live in today. If everyone comes together for change, these issues can no longer be hidden and can not carry on as long as they are. It’s completely unfair to put the burden of this issue on stars like LeBron James’ back when there are so many more voices and so many more dollars in society that could be used to make a difference.

Let us all make an effort in providing structure, guidance, and resources to those who are absent of these things and make for a better life for every race. It starts with everyone from every race and class to make this happen.

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  1. Thank you for encouraging all of us to do our part to speak up against injustice and work together to create a more just society for ALL! We need more bloggers like you to talk about the real issues facing our communities.

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