What To Do With Steven Moya?


The Detroit Tigers are in a limbo of sorts. They had high expectations coming into the season, but have underperformed. They seem to be turning things around, as they have won five out of their last six games. However, there are still a plethora of questions regarding this team.

One of those questions has to be how to use Steven Moya? Moya is the Tigers top prospect and has shown that he’s able to hit major league pitching. However, he isn’t getting the vital plate appearances he needs due to the fact that veterans like Justin Upton and Victor Martinez are getting the bulk of the playing time. So how can Tigers manager Brad Ausmas fit his rookie into the lineup?

Perhaps Moya is unable to fit into this lineup without an injury or trade of some sort. A trade may be a feasible option. It can go both ways for the team.

If Detroit is in contention for a playoff spot or even the division title, then they could move Moya himself to get some pitching help. How does this help Moya and the Tigers? Well, Moya could go to a team that needs an outfielder or is just looking for young assets and get his plate appearances. As for the Tigers, they get some pitching depth, which they desperately need.

If the Tigers aren’t in a playoff spot, they could move vetetans like Martinez. Martinez is usually the designated hitter, and moving him would open that spot up for Moya. The Tigers, ideally, would get pitching prospects in return, which helps replenish the farm system.

What should the Tigers do with Steven Moya? Should they try to fit him in to this roster or make a move or two to open a spot for him?

Photo Credit: Julian H. Gonzalez, Detroit Free Press

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