What the Josh Brown case says about the NFL


If you follow football, or sports in general, you most likely know about what’s going on with New York Giants kicker Josh Brown. 

Brown has admitted to being abusive to his wife in emails, letters and journal entries, and Molly Brown has said she was physically abused over twenty times in the past several years. It’s a very unsettling and disturbing thing, as details make the situation seem worse and worse for Brown, the NFL, and the Giants. 

There was an incident at the Pro-Bowl where NFL security had to intervene and move Molly and their children to a different hotel away from Josh.

In a letter sent to friends that Brown warned would be “hard to read”, he admitted to carrying a sense of entitlement and said he viewed himself as God and that Molly was his slave. He has admitted to being abusive to women since the age of 7, when he was molested at a young age. 

“I objectified women and never really worried about the pain and hurt I caused them,” Brown wrote in an email. 

These confessions have been written in a way that Brown has known exactly what he was doing, he was in a right enough mental state to know what was going on, that he was wrong, but it didn’t stop him.

Brown didn’t travel with the Giants this week, but hasn’t been handed down an official punishment besides that, and hasn’t been released. This shows two things to me; the NFL doesn’t care, and the Giants don’t care. Steve Smith all but said the same thing in a tweet noting “You know what, if your ex-wife was my daughter yo a** would be on IR. What a shame NFL acts like it cares.”

Smith issued an apology to Brown and a rant toward the NFL: 

“I will admit my response was a bit extreme for that I apologize. The point I was trying to make things have to change! A Man should never hit a woman which means he isn’t a real man. We have valued the amount of air in a ball but yet devalued when a person or persons have been harmed and fail to put forth necessary actions or energy and time in which far less important things have taken precedent! There has been players with far lesser offensives some have been banned, cut on the spot. But this person had behavior patterns behind closed doors unknown to everyone while swift and harsh action handed down to many other players without half the details or amount of time. Our system is broken the NFL needs to stop acting like they care and start Showing people they mean what they Say! I will continue to speak for the voiceless and for my mother who is a Survivor of domestic violence.”

Everyone has seemed to react to this in a way that shows this is an important thing besides the NFL.

Greg Hardy only got four games last year for his domestic abuse case, Brown only had one game to serve. The NFL had said they’d be the leader of a social change, a minimum of six games for the first offense. Ray Rice only got two games, but a video was released and the shock value attached made the NFL change it to a season. The NFL doesn’t care about these people, only their reputation.

Tom Brady was suspended four games for maybe having knowledge of deflated footballs, Leveon Bell was suspended four games last year for marijuana use, and three games this year for a missed drug test, Martavis Bryant was suspended for the year for marijuana use. 

Look everybody, possible knowledge of deflated footballs, missing a drug test, and smoking marijuana is equal to or worse than domestic abuse? This should raise a serious issue, the NFL is showing its complete disregard when it comes to domestic abuse, who knew?

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