What Rookie Quarterback Will Have The Better Career


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The draft class for rookie quarterbacks this upcoming season is really interesting. There is a quarterback that is ready to start year one.  Most of the quarterbacks that were picked in the draft are most likely going to sit this season or a few more after that to learn the offense. Here are the top 5 quarterbacks that I think will have the best career in the league.

5. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

He is coming off a successful run at Mississippi State, throwing for 9,376 yards, 70 touchdowns, 22 interceptions with a passer rating of 146.0. Prescott has also proven he can run as well, rushing for 2,521 yards, 41 touchdowns, in 536 attempts. Coming into the draft, Prescott was not highly rated to be a 1st round pick. Nobody picked him until the Cowboys picked him in the 4th round. Even though he was not a 1st round pick, he has potential to be a steal for the Cowboys in the future.  Prescott is a solid passer, has an average arm, can scramble out of the pocket when he needs to when he sees pressure. There are some concerns about Prescott coming into the draft with his passing, but with Tony Romo as the starting quarterback there is no rush for Prescott to get on the field. Expect him to sit behind Romo for a good 3-4 seasons, once Romo retires, Prescott will know the offense and be ready to become the starting quarterback.  There is a lot of upside with Prescott, we just have to give him time to grow as Romo’s  backup.

4. Connor Cook, Oakland Raiders.

He is coming off a successful few years at Michigan State, throwing for over 9,194 yards, 71 touchdowns, 22 interceptions, with a passer rating of 139.8. Despite not being a 1st round pick, Cook has the talent to become a franchise quarterback, getting picked in the 4th round by the Raiders. This did  not make a lot of sense for the team to draft him since Derek Carr is a young up and coming quarterback for them.  Cook has a strong arm, can throw in the pocket, has the arm strength to throw it down field. One thing that scares me about Cook is, he will not have any real playing time with the Raiders since the team is already set for a quarterback. The team will most likely trade him in a good 2-3 years, to a team like New Orleans that needs a young quarterback. Cook will be something in the NFL, but we have to wait till the Raiders trade him to see his true potential. If Cook was drafted by a team that desperately in need for a young quarterback, maybe he would be higher on this list.

3. Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams.

He is coming off a 3 year stint as the starting quarterback for University Of California Berkley, throwing for 12,195 yards, 96 touchdowns, 30 interceptions, with a passer rating of 144.0. Leading up to the draft, experts did not have Goff being in the top 5 but a lot of them picked Goff to be the first quarterback off the board despite not having a strong showing at the physical drills at the scouting combine but Goff kept the high draft stock with a strong showing in the Quarterback drills. After Los Angeles Rams traded with the Tennessee Titans to move up to the number 1 pick, it was obvious that the team was going to pick Goff or North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz the team went with Goff with the first pick of the draft. Goff has a lot of upside, he is the most pro ready quarterback coming out of this draft to start week 1. Goff has a strong arm, strong in the pocket. One advantage that the Rams have with Goff is, he knows how to deal with playing in a big market like California since Goff played 3 years for an NCAA team in California. Like every quarterback coming out of this draft, there are some questions about Goff but he has the talent to be a franchise quarterback so we will have to see what happens during his rookie season.

2. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

He is coming off starting for a small school in North Dakota State, throwing for 5115 yards, 45 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, with a passing rating of 153.9. Even though Wentz played for North Dakota State which is a small school, he caught a lot of attention of scouts and experts around the league. Wentz has proven that he can also run the ball when he has to, rushing for 1028 yards, 13 touchdowns, in 216 attempts. Wentz has a strong arm and the ability to throw the long ball. He can also scramble from the pocket and run for a good 5 or more yards when he feels pressured. After the Philadelphia Eagles traded with the Cleveland Browns to move up to the number 2 pick, it was quite obvious that Wentz was going to be the number 1 or 2 pick and since Goff was taken with the first pick the Eagles took Wentz with the second pick. The fact that Wentz did not play in a big NCAA school, the Eagles will have to bench Wentz his rookie season.   He will be the backup to Sam Bradford. Benching Wentz this season is the smart move.   It  will let him learn the playbook and learn how to handle NFL defenses. Wentz will have a better career than Goff, but we will have to wait a year to see the impact that Goff can make in the league.

1Paxton Lynch, Denver Broncos.  

Here is another guy coming out of a small school in University Of Memphis, throwing for 8451 yards, 55 touchdowns, 19 interceptions, with a passer rating of 140.1. Last season, Lynch was on a lot of draft experts’ radar with how he played, although he plays in a small school. A lot of experts were saying that Lynch is a steal of a draft pick in the second round or mid first round. Denver Broncos traded with Seattle Seahawks to move up to the 26th pick of the draft,  taking Lynch with that pick.   Lynch, in my opinion, is the best quarterback in the draft.   Also, he has the most upside.  He has a strong arm, great in the pocket, and he can run out of the pocket when he is pressured.  As seen from what he did at the University Of Memphis, rushing for 650 yards, 14 touchdowns, in 270 attempts, Lynch is just like Wentz,  a project in the making.  Because he  played in a small school,  the smart idea would be to bench him this season and have him back up Mark Sanchez.    Lynch will be a great quarterback in the Broncos offense, but it will just have to wait a year to have him learn the offensive playbook.







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