What Happens While We Wait For The Wizards To Arrive?


The script for the Washington Wizards seems to be the same: Claim that you’re one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference, gain a few signature wins along the way, and wait for the rest of the world to buy in to that idea. So, just how long are we supposed to wait for a team that seems more concerned with writing their own story rather than putting the work in to actually accomplish that goal?

The Wizards are trapped in the same “Groundhog Day” scenario where they call out a team or player in public to the media, persistently keep the chatter going on social media, and then forget to back up the production when it matters most: On the court. 

The Wizards have recently been burned by this formula against Lonzo/Lavar Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers, and also against the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers. Neither one of these situations turned out well for the Wizards, who lost both of these games in embarrassing fashion, only to open the door for more critics to harp on their lack of focus and preparation in these “shut up and prove it” games.

The frustration seems to be boiling over into the locker room, as star shooting guard Bradley Beal recently called out his team’s efforts after a loss to a poor Phoenix Suns team in Washington, DC. Unless the Wizards can begin to match their verbal efforts with their physical efforts, this season could very quickly spiral out of control.

Where will this young Wizards team turn to in order to return to their winning ways? For starters, they will need to lean on the leadership of All-Star point guard John Wall and head coach Scott Brooks. If their core can’t tune into both of these key cogs in the Wizards “machine”, they will be doomed this year. 

Scott Brooks needs to get this team to buckle down and take things more seriously, which is hard to do when your coach has you playing wiffle ball and Aussie rules football in practices rather than basketball.

These aforementioned exhibits of inexcusable lack of focus and discipline show just how far this young Wizards team needs to go. Maybe if they would get back to their fundamentals and listen to someone other than themselves, they would quiet the rest of the basketball world from chuckling at their empty promises. Keep it together, Wizards. It’s starting to get a little uncomfortable around here.

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  1. What Inam sewing is the lack of defense when closing out defensively on teams at the top of the key. In addition, to the fact the rotation in the first 7 games not including Cleveland, has come down to the inefficiency of the backup point guard and backup center positions. Oubre has stepped up his game in all areas, especially shooting. Mike Scott and Jodie Meeks are playing exactly as expected. Frazier is another overwhelmed point guard that has not played at the level needed. Mahinmi is just a waste of salary, and the team has to find a way to move him and eat the money like they did for Blatche. I think things will turn over in the next few weeks, once Morris gets in shape with the first unit. Giving Brooks more flexibility up front to rear his starters. Also, working in Beal with Meeks at the point for some relief while Wall gets rest. The team is just burdened right now because the second unit has a weak player at PG. they should have at least signed Sloan if they were concerned with the slowness of Satoransky on Defense and in moving the ball up the floor. Expect a Grunfield trade or salary move for Mahinmi at the beginning of 2018. Less minutes for Frazier and a tighter rotation until the All-Star Break.

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