What Does Tom Brady Do Now?


New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has been appealing this deflategate case for a year now, but it keeps coming back and at this point in the saga, he’s got his back against the wall. With the 2nd Circuit court denying a rehearing,  Brady and his law team are at a odd position. They can either bite the bullet and take the suspension or take this to the daddy of all courts, the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is unlikely to hear this case because this isn’t a extreme case. Hell, this is about deflated balls to begin with. If anything, they’ll laugh at this case. I think it’s safe to say that TB12 will only be playing 12 games in the regular season this year. With this we are a peculiar situation. Jimmy Garoppolo is heading into his 3rd season and hungry for any playing time he can get. With Brady being suspended and Garoppolo playing average to good, the Patriots could get some amazing trade value out of teams that might need a quarterback. If Garoppolo plays EXTREMELY well we could see a Brady-Bledsoe saga, where Brady could be benched for the coming weeks and Garoppolo being the starter.

Whether you’re with Tom Brady or not, we can all agree this case has gotten out of hand. The Supreme Court is the final straw on this case and we will see who it’s in favor of: NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell or 4 Time Super Bowl winning QB Tom Brady.

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