Wes Welker Signs With St Louis


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After spending all offseason without a job and on the free agent market, wide receiver Wes Welker is finally back in the NFL. The St Louis Rams signed him to a deal for the rest of the season. Welker has played the last two seasons with Denver Broncos, after spending seven seasons with New England Patriots, where he made his mark in the league.

In 14 games last season, Welker had 49 receptions, 2 touchdowns for 464 yards. It was obvious that Welker did not fit in the Broncos offense after leaving New England and last season proved it. After joining the Broncos Welker became injury prone, having trouble staying on the field. Even though he did not miss a lot of games, it did not feel right for him in that offense.

Even though Welker did not have a productive stint with the Broncos, he is still a good receiver. He is a good slot receiver, and even though Welker is not known for long yardage catches, he can make a lot of short yardage catches, running after the catch for a good 10 yard gain. He is not the same receiver that he was in New England. When he is healthy Welker can have 30 plus catches with 4 or more touchdowns.

This is a good deal for St Louis, taking a risk on an old receiver. If he does not produce, then you can cut him. If he does produce in that offense, Nick Foles will have a great target who can open up the passing game for him. The team is lacking in receivers, so signing Welker will fill that need right away. The team might be playoff contenders, so Welker has a chance to go to the playoffs with this signing.

On the Welker side of this, with him being up there in age this will more then likely be the last stop in career.  He has got to make the most out of the opportunity, that the team is giving him for signing him. Not a lot of pressure will be on him, but he will have to be productive if he wants to end his career on a high note.


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