Wentz vs Goff: Who’s Worthy of #1? 


It’s been a few days now since the Los Angeles Rams have traded up to the number one overall pick in this upcoming NFL Draft. With that being said, it is almost certain that the organization plans on selecting the face of their franchise with a quarterback. The top two prospects being Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. 

Here is both sides to the debate, and ultimately who the Rams will select in my eyes:

Jared Goff: California superstar Jared Goff has been hyped up this entire journey. Often times seen below Carson Wentz, there is a lot to like about this guy. His pocket presence was terrific in college, and with the help of Todd Gurley, this Rams offense could explode. 

While I don’t see Wentz or Goff as an elite starter out of the gates, I think Goff’s quick release gives him an advantage over Wentz. On top of everything, wouldn’t it be a smart marketing move for Los Angeles to select a quarterback that went to school in the same state? 

Carson Wentz: North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz has a much better arm than Goff does, and I personally find him to be a superior prospect in this draft. The NFL runs a similar system to what NDSU ran, and UCal ran a typical west coast and much faster paced offense. 

Wentz will have to do less adjusting once he gets into the NFL, and I don’t know if the Rams are willing to wait for Goff to develop into an NFL system-type QB. 

Overall: I think that Carson Wentz is a better prospect at the moment, but I believe that Jared Goff is the best fit for L.A. With all this aside, I believe the Rams will select Carson Wentz with the number one pick. 

It may be a mistake on their part, but I do not believe the Rams traded for the number one slot in order to get Goff. Multiple experts saw Goff dropping, while almost all of them had Wentz in the top 3 consistently. 

Who do you have? Wentz or Goff?

Photo Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

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