Wentz to Start Week One Against Cleveland 

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As of Monday morning, it has been reported that Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz will start week one of the regular season against the Cleveland Browns. 

With the Eagles practically robbing the Vikings in a trade that sent Sam Bradford to Minnesota, some fans are cautious about the Eagles chances in 2016 behind Wentz. 

While Wentz may not be even close to elite at this stage in his career, maybe all Philadelphia needs is a game manager to win the NFC East. 

The franchise brought in Jim Schwartz as their defensive coordinator for 2016, in hopes that it will be an upgrade from Billy Davis. Along with that, statistically, the Eagles have had a top two special teams unit in the past two seasons, so there is no reason to think 2016 will be any different. 

Even behind a rookie, what’s the number one reason the Eagles could potentially steal the NFC East title? The weakness of others.

The Giants have a reputation to struggle on defense, and their offensive line has been suspect all preseason. With those gaps, it’s hard to call them the favorite to win the division. 

The Redskins went out and got Josh Norman this offseason, yet this organization is nothing special. Their offensive unit has little to no run game, and their defense has been incapable of stopping the run. While they did win the division in 2015, the chances they repeat this year are slim. 

The Cowboys were and I believe still are the favorites to win the division, but a lot has gone wrong. With suspensions looming on the defensive end, as well as Tony Romo being out half the season, this is the Cowboys division to lose. 

While I’m not stating the Eagles will win the division, what I am saying is that this is anyone’s division to win, or anyone’s to lose. 

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  1. I hear a lot of my fellow Eagles fans moaning about trading Sam Bradford, which honestly I don’t understand. Giving him money was a mistake in the first-place, and now they are out from under that and got picks on top of it. Not to mention, the Eagles are a 6-10 squad under the best of conditions. Let’s just hope that crap offensive line doesn’t Carson Wentz killed.

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