WCPW: Exit Wounds Recap






WCPW: Exit Wounds 2017 Recap



  • Tag Team Match


Prospect Vs Drake & Bad Bones


Bad Bones & Drake Win After A distraction By James R Kennedy, which leads Drake Making Archer submit from a modified Kneebar.


Rate: 2 Out Of 5 Stars

  1.  Singles Match For WCPW Internet Title


Cody Rhodes Vs Liam Slater


Cody Rhodes Wins Via Jacknife Rollup & Retains WCPW Internet Title


Post Match: Liam Slater & Cody Rhodes embrace to show respect and Liam leaves the ring as Cody grabs the mic…. Cody Says he has been in the UK over 100 times and says these fans are family. They are now Rhodes and says on March 20th, he brings his family when he brings the Bullet Club to WCPW and that is just tooooo sweeeeetttttttt…


Rate: 2.5 stars Out Of 5 Stars

  1. The Prestige come out to Major boos….. Joe Hendry says soon the fans will learn to  shut up. He took the torch from Kurt Angle and Alberto El Patron. Anybody who gets in their way, will take the same fall those two did. The fans put false hope in most wrestlers mind and they chant whatever they want no matter how disrespectful they are the wrestling business..  The old generation made the fans this way and now the Presitige will fix this business.

  1. Singles Match


Silas Young Vs Delirious


Silas Young Wins Via TKO.


Rate: 2 Stars Out Of 5 Stars

  1.  WCPW Womens Title Match


Bea Priestley Vs Kay Lee Ray


Bea Priestley Wins & Retains WCWPW Womens Title With Help from a distraction by Viper and a quick rollup on Kay Lee Ray…


Rate: 2.5 Stars Out Of 5 Stars

  1. Chain Match ( Match 6 In Best Of 7 Series)


Primate With James R. Kennedy Vs Rampage


Rampage Wins Via Piledriver & Wins Series 4-2


Rate: 3 Stars Out Of 5 Stars

  1. Tag Team Match ( Joe Hendry On Commentary)


El Ligero & Gaberial Kidd With Prince Ameen Vs The Prestige ( Joe Coffey & Travis Banks)


The Prestige Wins After a dominant showing of Tag Team Strikes and Manuevers


Rate: 2.5 Stars Out Of 5 Stars

  1. Singles Match


Marty Scrull Vs David Starr


Marty Scrull Wins Via Crossface Chickenwing


Rate: 3.5 Stars Out Of 5 Stars


  1. Martin Kirby Comes out to a big pop…… Kirby says for anyone paying attention last week he quit the general manager role so he could wrestle again and tonight we find his replacement. He has a dream that is to be the WCPW World Champion…. Without futher ado and the new GM of WCPW. Adam Blampied…… First time he has been since in a WCPW Arena since being destroyed by Rampage….. Blampied says He doesnt deserve this but he is blessed and puts the spotlight back on Kirby. 5 Months ago in this very city he got the worst beating of his life and at home he realized he was wrong before but now he is back. The success of WCPW isnt because of the Youtube Personailities and he starts to spotlight the WCPW Locker room….But out comes BT Gunn…..He just stands at the entrance staring at Kirby and he takes off his jacket to reveal he is the newest member of The Prestigee. All 4 members of the Prestige circle the ring and now they jump Kirby & Blampied……….

  1. WCPW World Title Match


Drew Gallloway Vs Will Osprey
Drew Galloway Wins Via Spinning Future Shock DDT & Wins WCPW World Title!!!!!

Rate: 4 Stars Out Of 5 Stars






Exit Wounds was a thumbs in the middle outing for WCPW. The first half of the show came off pretty uninspiring, with most makes falling around the okay range, and the early talking segment hurt the pace of the first half. The show ended strongly though, with two very enjoyable matches and a good angle to close out the show. Neither Galloway-Ospreay nor Starr-Scurll are quite must-watch material, but both are very good and I’d wager almost everybody would enjoy them quite a lot. It did a good job of building to both the UK World Cup tournament and the Bulletproof iPPV later this month too.


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