Was Miller Overpaid or Just Right?

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Last years Super Bowl MVP Von Miller and the Denver Broncos recently agreed to a record deal. Miller will be receiving the most guaranteed money for any non-quarterback ever. 

The deal is listed at 6 years, $114 million with $70 million guaranteed. This came after Miller said he would not play under a franchise tag and Denver had laid a big extension on the table already.

Miller will also be the highest paid player in franchise history. The Eagles defensive end Fletcher Cox had previously received the most guaranteed money for a non-quarterback this year at $63.3 million. 

Cox’s deal happened early, while this deal with Miller has happened with the franchise tag deadline looming. While he refused to play under a franchise tag, Miller expressed that he wanted to be a lifer for the Broncos, and it looks like Denver is willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Miller has had 60 sacks in his five- year career and was the unquestioned leader of Denver’s league best defense last year. In the post season alone, Miller had 5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and an interception. 

Miller caused the first touchdown of the Superbowl as Malik Jackson recovered his forced fumble in the Panthers end zone. This comes after a troubling 2013, during that season, Miller was suspended 6 games under the leagues substance abuse policy, and he tore his ACL in the second to last regular season game. Miller showed that that season wouldn’t slow him down.

Miller posted decent numbers in the regular season at 35 combined tackles and 11 sacks as well as one pass defended, but the postseason is where he thrived. Miller has only played less than 15 games once and that was in 2013 where he played 9. He’s displayed great defensive play for Denver.

Now he is the highest paid Bronco in the history of the franchise. Even more than former quarterback and current GM John Elway was paid. He’s the highest paid non-quarterback in the history of the NFL. Was it the right move?

In a word, yes. Denver needs Von Miller, especially after defensive departures. One noteworthy departure was fellow linebacker Danny Trevathan to the Bears. Another issue is Denver’s quarterback situation. I figure their offense to be stagnant for at least this season if not longer. The defense will have to carry them and they need Von Miller for that.

If Fletcher Cox is worth $63.3 million guaranteed, then Von Miller is easily worth $70 million guaranteed. Denver did what they had to to keep their best player. Miller earned this pay day by leading Denver to a Super Bowl title. Let’s see what Miller does under this contract.

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