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Was Alvarez vs Golovkin Ruled Correctly?


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The controversial rematch between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin has been the center of conversation on social media over the last several days. This had the potential to go down as one of the best fights of the modern era, but based on the scoring, it may be difficult to do so.

In the last round, Alvarez took a lot of damage from Golovkin, which was viewed as a big moment for this fight. Regardless, based on a scoring of 115-113, 115-113, and 114-114, Alvarez won via majority decision.

Looking into the numbers, Golovkin landed 234 out of 879 punches, while Alvarez landed 202 out of 622 punches. In addition, Golovkin landed 116 out of 332 power punches, as Alvarez landed 143 out of 366 power punches. while Golovkin was throwing shots, Alvarez remained more calculated.

Regardless of the scoring, this was one of the best boxing matches in modern boxing. Both Golovkin and Alvarez are similar in many aspects, but completely different in others. While the ruling could have gone either way, this was a bout to remember.

The decision was controversial, but it also builds up the possibility of a trilogy fight. Considering the revenue produced within the first two bouts, it may not be a stretch to see another match in 2019.


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