Warriors Overwhelm Cavs Again; Series Predictions


This year’s NBA Finals match up according to many analyst and fans would be a series that would go seven games. However, with the way the Golden State Warriors have simply overwhelmed the Cavaliers these past two games, it’s certainly not looking that way.

The Warriors closed out the Cavaliers on the night by a score of 110-77. That is over double the point differential from game 1 and it’s not hard to tell why.

First of all, let’s begin with LeBron James. On the night, he grabbed 19 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists and oh, he had 4 steals. So, at face value as always, LeBron James had a good game. However, I think many expect more from him from the offensive side of the floor. On LeBron’s 19 points, he went 7 for 17 on the floor. That includes being 1 for 5 from the three-point line.

Now, if nearly any other player had those numbers on the game, we would be stating that they had a pretty good game. However, when you are the physical specimen that is LeBron James, eyes and fingers are going to be in your direction. Especially, when they know that you are certainly capable of better numbers.

The blame on LeBron James isn’t completely justified though, as he’s not the only player that had an off night. Kyrie Irving scored a grand total of 10 points, while shooting 5-14 on the floor to go with just 1 assist and 3 rebounds. The only somewhat bright side of his game was the 3 steals he had on the night.

Kevin Love had a rough night, but I’m not going to point the finger his way, as he did get rocked in the head and looked uncomfortable afterwards. However, the Cavaliers did not have their big 3 at their best.

On the Warriors side though, just like the first game, they received contributions up and down their line up. The only difference from the first game is that Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were a little bit more involved. The man of the night was Draymond Green, as he knocked down 5 three pointers that would help add to his 28-point total on the night. He also had 7 rebounds and 5 assists on the night.

The scary thing for the Cavaliers is that Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson still haven’t completely showed up as much as they are capable of. The two had 18 and 17 points on the game respectively. So, it’ll be interesting to see what the point differential is when the splash brothers make their presence felt. All around, this was a very bad night for Cleveland.

Though, none of us should be surprised from the outcome. The Warriors could go down as the greatest regular season team statistically of all time, especially if they close out this series and cap their great season off with another win of a NBA Finals.

Prediction For Game 3

Even I predicted Cleveland to bounce back. You can check out my full series predictions in my game 1 recap and check out my full game by game predictions. I still expect this series to go 6 games with the Golden State Warriors ultimately closing out the Cavaliers. I’m not ready to call this series a sweep, especially with the next two games taking place in Cleveland.

I’m not really going to go and call this a 5-game series either, I’m sticking to my Warriors in six games prediction.

When the Cavaliers are at home, they seem to be a much a different team all around. It’s possible that the passionate Cleveland fans simply bring the role players on the Cavaliers squad to life. I also don’t expect LeBron James to go down that way. So, out of the next four games, I’d say LeBron James wills his team to at least two victories. Love him or hate him, he’s capable of doing that much.

So, though I don’t have much evidence to back my point, I do say that Cleveland will win game 3. Especially the fact that they will be on their home court and I expect them to figure out a game play by Wednesday to pick up at least one win.

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