Update on WR Kevin White 


Rookie wide receiver Kevin White is currently on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list. The Bears have set no timetable for White to return to practice. It seems that head coach John Fox wants to make sure the shin ailment has passed before putting him in to practices or even games. Coach Fox addressed the media by saying, “I’m looking at it day-to-day. I can’t predict.” When asked about White’s timetable to return he stated, “Sooner rather than later is what I hope, but that’s just a hope.”

Coach Fox described to the media that Kevin White has been working on cardio, while resting the shin. He’s been working out in the pool, as well as building on cardio strength without further damaging the shin. He said continuing his cardio conditioning is important while he’s off the field. It seems that they want him on the field as soon as possible, but they aren’t going to rush things either. 

Kevin White is still a rookie, with great potential. Coach Fox has also pointed to his youth and realizes that he can learn without playing. This is a smart move for the Bears, making sure he’s 100% before just throwing him out there.  

The Bears have had some other small injuries as well this training camp. Fellow teammate Alshon Jeffery joined White on the sidelines with an ACL shoulder joint sprain that he reportedly hurt over the weekend. The injury is not very serious and they may just have him out to avoid a more serious injury. 

Also, cornerback Allen Ball (foot) was held out of practice Monday for precautionary reasons, the details of the foot injury are unknown. Undrafted tight end Brian Volger was carted off the field, with severity of his injuries being unknown. 

We’ll continue to monitor the NFL infirmary report throughout the season, and keep you posted on how it’s looking. 

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