Update on Robert Griffin III Injury

During the second preseason game against the Detroit Lions, quarterback Robert Griffin III took a fair amount of hits from defenders. Part-way into the second quarter, RGIII fumbled the ball, and eventually had a defender roll onto his shoulder. 

This would cause Griffin III to exit the game, and undergo the leagues concussion protocol. Head coach Jay Gruden would confirm that Griffin III suffered a concussion, but would not lose his starting job. 

Many fans speculate that the quarterback shouldn’t even be playing that amount of time, but why not? RGIII has something to prove after he called himself “the best quarterback in the league”. 

After this injury, it only goes to show that Robert Griffin III is becoming less and less reliable under center. Griffin III was sacked three times, fumbling the ball twice in only four drives during Thursday’s preseason game.  

What will be in the teams future? If Griffin III was unable to lead the team through the regular season, it’s expected that Kirk Cousins will be the next quarterback in line. Another option would be Colt McCoy, yet he has had limited opportunities to prove himself as a reliable leader on the field. 

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