Update on Deflategate Scandal 

According to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole, the league believes that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will accept a deal in which his suspension will ultimately become reduced. Note that it will become reduced, not taken away. Brady would still miss games, but my personal guess would be 1-2 games in the upcoming regular season. 

This belief by Cole also states that Brady would plan on accepting the deal before training camp begins for the organization, as Brady intends to focus exclusively on football. Under this specific timetable, the deal would need to be done before July 29th, or else this “belief” is turned into just another rumor. 

The only question is how is it that Brady could be innocent, yet have a suspension at all? The league would need to sign off that Brady is being suspended because of not cooperating with the investigation, instead of admitting to anything wrongdoing. This would allow the suspension to become reduced, yet Brady would still miss at least one game this season. has previously reported that Brady is open to any fine handed his way, yet does not want a suspension involved as his punishment. This offer was met with “silence”, according to sources. 

One last thing that could make this settlement deal impossible is the “anonymous” owners (Ravens and Colts most likely) that don’t want Brady’s suspension reduced at all. Will this foil any plans of Brady and the NFL coming to an agreement? Only a few days remain until that question is answered. 

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