UNC Under the Spotlight

The University of North Carolina can never stay out of the spotlight it seems. First, in 2010, there were multiple cases of players receiving special treatment such as special parking passes. Then in 2011, cases of plagiarism from the players started popping up as well. 

Now they are under extreme spotlight due to the faulty grade allegations. They are under extreme suspicion by the NCAA that the African and Afro-American studies department has been giving sham grades to allow the basketball player students to continue to play in the games without worrying about receiving shoddy grades that would take them out of play. It has been said that it is had been an 18-year long ruse that has received a level 1 allegation from the NCAA.  The allegations are so severe that they aren’t focusing on specific players, but at the entire school itself.  

This is not a good sign for the Tar Heels or North Carolina as a whole, their entire school integrity is on the line. Nothing has been said yet, but I’m sure that everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to find out.

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