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We all know most of the great team records in the world of sports. The Quebec Bulldogs had their NHL record of “most goals in one game by one team” stand for almost 100 years. Joe Malone’s seven goals in one game is still an NHL record to this day. How about the Detroit Pistons scoring 186 points against the Denver Nuggets in 1983? The Chicago Cubs’ 116 win season in 1906 is still standing. You get the point. But, what about some individual records? Records set by a single player, whether it be in a game or a season or wherever. What are some of the most unbreakable individual records in the history of sports? I will list a few that I personally believe are the most unbreakable.

Cal Ripken Jr’s Consecutive Games Streak (2,632)

We’ll start off with one of the more obvious ones. In today’s day and age, where an athletes health is paramount, no one will come anywhere close unless they are some type of supernatural creature. Cal Ripken Jr played 2,632 straight games for the Baltimore Orioles over 16 years. He ended his career having played 3,001 games and earning the nickname of “Baseball’s Iron Man”.

Wayne Gretzky’s records for goals in one season (92) and career points (2,856)

Wayne Gretzky has numerous records that will stand the test of time. However, I picked the two that I think are the most unbreakable. In 1981-82, Gretzky potted 92 goals behind opposing goaltenders. He himself came close to that record, but fell short with 87 in 1983-84. He has 2,856 career points, and that’ll never be touched. That won’t even be challenged, it’s that impressive. Today’s NHL is geared more towards goaltending and defense, and despite strides to add more scoring, nothing will allow these two records to be broken.

Wilt Chamberlain’s record for most consecutive 50+ point games (7)

There are a plethora of reasons as to why I feel this won’t be broken. From December 16th, 1961 to December 29th, 1961, Chamberlain put up 50 points in all seven games played in that time. Chamberlain threatened to break his own record in 1962, but fell just one game short. With more focus on defense in today’s game, it’ll be near impossible for this record to fall. Surprisingly to some, I do see Wilt’s 100 points in a game being more likely to be toppled than this one.

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  1. The above records will all be tough to beat. But I’ll submit Cy Young’s 511 wins as the one that will never be touched. A pitcher would have to win 25 games per year for 20 straight years-and would still be 11 wins be short of the record. These days is extremely rare that a pitcher wins 25 games eveen once in a career. That record will stand as long as baseball is played.

    1. Tristin McKinstry – I have been writing since June 2014. Have worked for The AOSN, InsiderSportsNetwork, and The Athletes Hub. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Communication.
      Tristin Mckinstry says:

      That’s one that honestly slipped my mind when writing this morning. That’s a great point.

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