UFC Shouldn’t Suspend Masvidal and Edwards


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If you watched the UFC’s visit to London on March 16th, then you likely witnessed the crowd-silencing moment when Jorge Masvidal went into Darren Till’s homeland and knocked him out in the second round.

A performance of the night bonus was the last thing on the mind of Masdival when minutes after the win, he was being interviewed until getting into an altercation that quickly turned physical with Leon Edwards, who had defeated Gunnar Nelson by a split-decision call.

UFC President Dana White stated the following:

“I can’t even believe that this happened,” White said. We need to do a much better job of making sure this shit doesn’t happen at any of our events.”

Jorge Masvidal was interviewed as well, stating the following:

“One of these hooligans, man,” Masvidal told ESPN. “He’s like talking crap on social media. I seen him here (during UFC London fight week); (he) doesn’t really address me as a man. I wanted to talk to him kind of, and he’s just like dodging me. Whatever, we can handle it after the fight. So I’m doing this interview, and this hooligan comes by saying some stuff: ‘July, get your a** kicked in July — July.’ And I go, ‘Maybe.'”

Masvidal continued by noting the following:

“So I tell him, ‘Just say it to my face like a man.’ You’re saying it walking away. We’re both men, you know. And as I’m walking up to him, I’ve got my hands behind my back to signal I’m not coming here for problems. But he put his hands up like this — it’s on video — and walks towards me. Well, where I’m from, if you do that, you’re going to punch me in the face, and that’s not going to happen. You’re a (expletive) dork; you’re JV, beta. You are what you are. You’re just a loser in life. You’re not going to get a hit off me. So I gave him the three-piece with a soda, and then just glide out of there.”

Edwards has not spoken publicly about the altercation, but he did suffer a cut below his left eye, which had to be treated afterwards.

Masvidal and Edwards will both be fined a large amount, but to suspend them seems unnecessary. More than likely, White and the UFC may use this opportunity to place Misvidal and Edwards in the octagon towards the summer.

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