UFC Gives Nick Newell An Opportunity


After continuous rumors and speculation, the UFC has decided to give one-handed fighter Nick Newell a shot with the company. The longtime lightweight, who has made a career off of winning in the MMA world, will be given a chance to compete in Dana White’s “Tuesday Night Contender” this upcoming June. The 32-year old has come a long way from home to make it to the UFC.

Born with a congenital amputation of his left arm, Newell has had a wild journey to the UFC. From being a high school wrestler to MMA fighter, the heart in him is as huge as his goal to be the best in his weight class.

With a record of 14 wins and only one loss to UFC lightweight to Justin Gaethje in WSOF back in 2014, Nick “Notorious” Newell retired in 2015. He then went on to return in 2018 to defeat Sonny Luque in historic fashion.

Newell has since expressed a consistent desire to get the opportunity to fight in the UFC, and now that he’s been signed, he can prove that he’s more than just talk. This is the time for him to prove the world wrong, as well as inspire those who have the odds against them.

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