UFC 232 Should Have Been Postponed, Not Transitioned


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After reports were made known over the weekend, Jon Jones has been placed in the spotlight for a recent drug test that revealed partial leftovers from a previous test conducted months prior. Just as Jones was scheduled to fight Alexander Gustaffson for the Light Heavyweight title, the UFC went on to evidently botch the situation at hand.

Other fighters, including Daniel Cormier, have expressed their disgust towards the UFC for moving UFC 232 from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. This occurred due to the NSAC not allowing Jones to fight, but the CSAC will allow Jones to fight Gustaffson on a one week notice.

This is a change the UFC has never undergone before, but they did in order to keep the main event intact. From speculation, many see it as a ‘dirty move’ by Dana White, the UFC and the CSAC. For those who planned to attend UFC 232, many are unable to alter their plans on such short notice. Considering the headache at hand, is Gustaffson vs Jones II truly worth the public relation nightmare?

For the fighters that are premiering at UFC 232, they now need to focus on meeting weight requirements, as well as adjust their travel plans. Had the UFC seen a ‘re-do’ opportunity, they should have postponed UFC 232 for the time being.

Jon Jones and Alexander Gustaffson could have made a larger fortune by waiting until 2019, but the UFC is now being forced to undergo a massive hit by pushing this on December 29th. The UFC should have canceled the event for a future date, rather than moving locations.

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