UFC 196 McGregor vs Diaz Recap


In the main event, reigning champion Conor McGregor would fight against Nick Diaz, a proven striker. Throughout press conferences and even weigh-in’s, the two fighters went back and forth, making this event worth the watch. 

Round One: 

In round one, you could tell that the crowd was split 50/50. From the beginning, Diaz was taking a lot of upper cuts from McGregor, showing a lack of defense. Although he was not taken or knocked down, it was easy to tell that Diaz had quite the jaw on him. 

Just about halfway through the round, McGregor would land a punch on Diaz to draw a lot of blood from around his eye. The injury would be taken care of between rounds. 

Round Two: 

In round two, just about everyone at home and in the crowd (myself included) thought this match was over. McGregor played the round confidently at the start, and that would eventually be his downfall. 

Remember when Anderson Silva got knocked out against Weidman based on his cockiness? This was the same story. McGregor left himself wide open, and Diaz took advantage. 

Diaz’s cut would open back up 90 seconds into the round, but once again, could not get knocked down. 

Once the two took it to the ground, Diaz sliced through McGregor like a knife through butter, and eventually forced him to tap out. 

Although this was not for a title, it forces McGregor to swallow his pride and re-think his next opponent. Is McGregor still one of the most dominant athletes on the planet? Time will tell in future matches for The Notorious Conor McGregor.  

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