Two Titans Players Headed to Pro Bowl

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After the Carolina Panthers won the NFC Championship game, spots for TE’s and DE’s opened up. This let previously alternates Delanie Walker and Jurrell Casey be invited. The past 2 season both men had turned down the offer to go as alternates, so I would assume that would be a pride issue. However going into the season, Casey must have changed his thoughts about it as he was quoted as saying “You can’t keep letting these things pass by like that,t here are only a few chances you get these opportunities. I won’t say I regret (not going before). But I am pretty upset I didn’t get the last two, so I won’t let the third one pass if I get an opportunity.”

Casey and Walker are both franchise players and are very well over with the crowd. Fans believe that these players are over due for the nod. Walker led all NFL Tight Ends in catches this year. He had a career-high 94 catches, with 1,088 yards and 6 touchdowns. He also set a franchise record with his amount of catches and yards. Jurrell Casey didn’t miss a game this year and ended up with 7 sacks (T- most on the team), 11 tackles for a loss (2nd most on team), 28 QB pressures (career record), and 86 total tackles.

This leaves the fans with a feel good moment to hear these men are getting the nod. Walker and Casey, since joining the Titans, have always put up good numbers (aside from Casey’s rookie year). It’s been a question to many why these men have not been picked before, but now that question doesn’t have to be asked as they’ve been invited. As far as Casey and Walker? All Titan fans expect the same result next year, so they cannot slack off now because they have reached a pro bowl.

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