Trubisky & The Bears: What’s The Plan?


For anybody that’s been following the 2017 NFL Draft, they’re aware that the Chicago Bears traded up on Thursday night to go to from pick #3, to pick #2, giving the San Francisco 49ers their 1st rounder this year (No. 3 Overall), 3rd rounder this year (No. 67 Overall), 4th Rounder this year (No. 111 Overall) and their 2018 3rd rounder. 

Some are very upset with this tactic of giving up multiple picks to move up one spot. Bears fans are the most upset over this, as they had recently signed F/A QB Mike Glennon to a four-year, $45 million deal. 

Trubisky was the highest ranked QB in several mock drafts, and was even considered by the Cleveland Browns as the #1 overall pick (they instead took edge rusher Myles Garrett). There are reasons behind the upset Bears fans, as well as reasoning to why NFL fans have alike questions. 

His lack of experience for example, as Trubisky only started thirteen games at North Carolina, passing for 41 TDs, 10 INTs, and 4,762 yards in his entire collegiate career with the Tar Heels. During just his junior year, he passed for 30 TDs, 6 INTs, and 3,758 yards, which is not poor by any means. 

“Will Mitchell Trubisky be the week 1 starter?” is the main question here, and everybody would like to know. Personally, I don’t think he will be. Trubisky is a solid college QB, but he needs some time to grow and fit into an NFL scheme. 

Sitting behind a decent veteran like Glennon could be substantial for the rookie, but I do expect him to see a lot of preseason snaps and work with the first-team offense. The Bears obviously believe Trubisky is their future QB, after their eight-year run with now free agent QB Jay Cutler.  

I also believe Trubisky will somehow see regular season action in the 2017 season. The experience would be valuable to the young QB, and maybe if/when the Bears are already eliminated from the playoffs and potentially battling for the #1 pick, they could bring in the rookie to showcase how he can handle NFL pressure.

It will take a year or two for Mitchell Trubisky to be ready for an NFL starting job, which is why the Chicago Bears gave Mike Glennon the initial nod. How soon will we see him outside of training camps and OTAs? Only time will tell.

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