Tristan Thompson Staying In Cleveland

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After offseason full of contract talks, Tristan Thompson and Cleveland Cavaliers agreed on a new five year deal worth $82 million. People were wondering if the deal would not get done with Thompson holding out and contract talks not going anywhere. But both sides got the deal done with the season starting up soon.

Last season Thompson, averaged 8.5 points, 8.0 rebounds,0.5 assist, and 0.7 blocks per game. Looking at what he has done the past two seasons before this one. Stats wise he did not play up to expectations. Thompson helped out a lot in the playoffs filling the void for Kevin Love who suffered an injury. Thompson was a big part in leading the team to the NBA Finals.

Even though Thompson did not have a good season compared to 2013 and 2012 season, he is still a great player. He knows how to score in the paint, he has a big body to get up on the boards for the rebounds. Thompson is good offensively and defensively, the guy still needs some work but he has great potential. Thompson can put up double digit scoring seasons, with more then eight rebounds a season. With him being 24 he can only get better.

It is quite obvious that the team was desperate to sign Thompson to a new deal. With a young player you have to sign him to a long term deal before he gets good. To me Thompson got overpaid in this deal, he has not shown since he has stepped into the league that he is worth $82 million. But the team is taking a risk with this deal. Thompson could flop showing he is not worth it, or he could step up showing that he is worth the money.

Now that Thompson has gotten the big money long term deal, the one he has been demanding the whole offseason, Thompson now has to prove a lot. Over the next five years he needs to play like he is worth the money the team is giving him. Time will tell if Thompson is worth it.but if he plays like he worth it expect him to get a new deal for over 100 million dollars when this deal ends.

With players like LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love.  The time for the team to win a championship is now. It does not help that Irving is out for the start of the season. The team should contend in a weak eastern conference,bring some momentum into the playoffs where the team will be hoping to bring home a championship.



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