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Top Ways to Improve Your Fantasy Football Team


According to the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association, more than 59 million people played fantasy sports in 2017, with around 80% of that number related to fantasy football. The trend is increasing in popularity, and isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon.

In hopes of a 2020 NFL season, it doesn’t matter if you’re the casual fantasy owner, or if you’re apart of professional leagues – there is always room to improve. Luckily, we’re here to give you a couple of tips on how to do that:

1. Don’t play with your heart, play with the facts

It goes without saying, but you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. The vast majority of fantasy football owners enjoy watching the NFL and root for their respective teams, but that should stand outside.

Part of fantasy football is analyzing statistics and exploring hunches that every quality scout contains. If you follow major NFL news networks, you’ll be able to receive key information about injuries and matchups.

2. Lineup optimizers are your friends

During the season, you should make some alterations according to recent events. However, the draft makes or breaks a team. That is why getting some help from a professional tool, like lineup optimizers, can go a long way. With the budget available, these computer programs can analyze data faster and more precisely than the human eye. If you want to know more about lineup optimizers, click here.

3. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer

It doesn’t matter if you know the other owners in your league or not, you should always open the conversation at the beginning of the season. Crisis management is important in these lines of work. Don’t force conversations and talk about specific players and their respective values. Instead, engaged in a back-and-forth conversation and offer a way to benefit both sides of a potential deal.

4. Waivers, waivers and waivers

Waivers are a process where the league’s commissioner places a temporary freeze on unclaimed players, allowing owners to make claims for them. In today’s age, it is nearly impossible to have a fully healthy team from the start to finish. In order to take advantage, be the first one to make a reasonable claim en route to improving your team.

5. Positional players first, then quarterbacks

Instead of focusing on the top quarterback in the early rounds, it’s often the best running backs and wide receivers that are responsible for a fantasy football championship. Although quarterbacks are the most important player on an NFL team, they are more relative in fantasy football.

The first three rounds or more should be focused on the top available positional players. When others ask how you climbed up the fantasy football standings, it will be due to a smart strategy. Still, the draft is where it all begins.

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