Top Upcoming UFC Main Events for 2017

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UFC 217: Bisping vs St-Pierre

You could quite possibly call this bout the biggest fight currently scheduled within the UFC at the moment. On one side, Michael Bisping is set to defend the Middleweight Championship for the second time in his current reign. On the other, there is legendary Canadian MMA star Georges St-Pierre, who has proven himself as a powerhouse through his long career.

Bisping won the Middleweight title after defeating longtime rival Luke Rockhold at UFC 199. From there, Bisping then made his first title defense against Dan Henderson, where he went on to become victorious at UFC 204 in his hometown of Manchester.

For the past three years, we haven’t quite witnessed GSP compete at full strength, largely due to him taking time off after defending the Welterweight championship against Johnny Hendricks. When the title was eventually vacated, fans wondered when the St-Pierre would return to the organization that made him known worldwide.

After negotiations took place between GSP and UFC President Dana White, St-Pierre received a four-fight contract, which eventually lead to the opportunity of fighting Bisping on the greatest UFC stage: Madison Square Garden.

It will now mark 50 UFC PPV events since GSP last fought, and it will also emerge as an important night for Bisping, who has wanted this fight since St-Pierre signed the contract. The last loss for GSP took place against Matt Serra in 2007, which is a remarkable accomplishment in itself. No matter the result, GSP will either walk away as the Middleweight Champion, or he will suffer his first loss in over ten years.

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UFC 218:  Holloway vs Edgar

This fight should be billed as the “Battle of the Best” in the Featherweight division, as it involves the newly crowned undisputed Featherweight Champion, Max Holloway. The current champion recently took out Jose Aldo during his ten fight win streak, and has taken the UFC by storm since.

On the other side, there is #2 ranked Featherweight Frankie Edgar, who has endured many difficult fights throughout his time in the sport. Edgar is well known by most UFC fans, and if anyone can give Holloway a difficult time in the octagon, it’s him.

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UFC 219: (Rumored) Cyborg vs Holm

If you haven’t heard of Cris Cyborg, but know of Holly Holm, you might want to study up. Cyborg is simply amazing, and can be as viscous as her nickname. She is also the current Women’s Featherweight champion, and at the moment, it seems as though that title won’t be taken from her waist.

On the contrary, there is Holm, who became the first woman to defeat UFC star Ronda Rousey. Holm is a former Women’s Bantamweight champion, as she winded up losing within her first title defense to Miesha Tate at UFC 196. Holm would then go on to suffer defeat two more times before returning to the Bantamweight division, as she managed to defeat Bethe Correia.

Even with her last win, does Holm truly desire to go toe-to-toe with the most destructive female in the Featherweight division? If Holm accepts the invitation, this could emerge as a must-watch PPV event.

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