Top Three Questions in Deflate-Gate

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Tom Brady along with the NFLPA have decided to appeal the verdict made, in which Brady was suspended for the first four games this upcoming season, along with two future draft picks and a $1 million fine. In case you aren’t familiar on the reasoning for this decision, Brady was accused of being “generally aware” about the deflation of multiple footballs during the course of the AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. While a report was released by Todd Wells, the man behind the investigation of the deflate-gate scandal, there seem to be as many holes in the accusation as in the Patriots argument. Here are three of the biggest questions we have about the case itself:

1. McNally’s Nickname as “The Deflator” 

As text messages were released through the Wells report, it was shown that the term “Deflator” was mentioned in one particular text. The first issue with this is there were hundreds of texts that were thoroughly searched, but Wells decided to make light of this one message. By the time Wells found out that McNally was the one being referred to as “The Deflator” within the text, he requested a second interview to question him about the topic. An issue with the Patriots argument was that they ultimately denied the request made by Wells, proving themselves as uncooperative. While the text messages may be the the hardest evidence that Wells has against the Pats, the organization did release a statement recently, as they attempted to poke holes in the investigation. The rebuttal released by the Patriots claimed McNally was referred to as “The Deflator”, simply because he was a bigger set man who was attempting to lose weight.  If this is somehow true, it may be the biggest coincidence in the world that deflate-gate becomes a scandal across the nation, and one of the biggest suspects in this case has the nickname “The Deflator”, due to dietary issues.

2. Is there enough to pin Tom Brady? 

“More probable than not” has become the biggest question mark around the nation.  The truth of the matter is that at the end of the day, I don’t believe the evidence will be present in order to outweigh the appeal of Tom Brady and company. One of the biggest problems I have with the report itself is that if the two Patriots employees are talking badly about Brady openly over text, they threaten to inflate the balls and they also refer to “The Deflator” once, they obviously don’t expect the texts to go public, right? The point I’m making is that if this indeed was Brady’s fault, it seems more likely that more texts would refer to the PSI in the football with numbers, saying “make sure it’s 2 lbs under like Tom said” for example.  The texts never outright state Brady is guilty, hence the reason that Wells can not pin the blame on the quarterback.

3. Why are the Pats acting so guilty? 

A quote that Brady was caught saying during an interview when asked about the accusations towards him was; “I haven’t had the time to digest it, it’s only been thirty hours”.  It’s hard to believe everything Brady is telling the public is the complete truth. If Tom indeed was innocent, why did he deny having a relationship with his ball boys? I believe that deep down there is truth in what the Patriots are saying, based on the fact that Kraft and Belichick had nothing to do with the case, but why doesn’t it add up? The fact that Brady lied about so many topics, and was caught because of it, makes you really second guess on whether the quarterback was fully aware of the actions behind the scene.

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