Top NFC Playoff Threats 


As the regular season is coming to a close, a lot of teams within the NFC are getting hot. With that, it’s important that we recognize which teams may have short-lived dreams this season, and which franchises could go all the way

Here are the top three biggest threats to represent the NFC in the 2016 postseason: 

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#3: Dallas Cowboys

I think it’s fair to say that the Dallas Cowboys have exceeded expectations on both sides of the football in 2016. With Prescott and Elliot terrorizing the league, it’s been clear that they are truly a forced to be reckoned with. Although they are on the verge of clinching a bye week, I do have a few concerns about the young roster. 

Even though the rookies are playing like veterans, they have very little veteran experience in the postseason in general. With that, it would be likely that the Cowboys could struggle against teams that are considered to have elite defenses. 

Another concern I have is with wideout Dez Bryant. Not only have his numbers declined, but his ability to resolve his struggles are becoming a growing pain. 

Many may argue that Bryant has been a product of Tony Romo, but his ability to separate himself from defensive backs in general has been proven to be a problem from time to time again in 2016. 

If the Cowboys can utilize their superstars, and continue to win when it comes to time of possession, it is very possible that Dallas fans have something to look forward to.

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#2: New York Giants

The Giants run game may be ineffective by all means, but let’s not forget that Eli Manning has gone on to light up opposing defenses in the postseason before. 

As of late, this Giants defense has torched quarterbacks in all aspects, making them one of the most complete teams in the league. 

With Beckham Jr as the primary weapon, Eli may have just enough to make a deep postseason run this season. If the Giants could seek their way into the upcoming Super Bowl, it would only further Manning’s legacy as a great postseason quarterback. 

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#1: Seattle Seahawks 

The Seahawks have the most postseason success in recent years in the NFC, so it’s hard to bet against them in 2016. 

Russell Wilson hasn’t been playing as well as he is used to in previous years, but this defense is more than capable when it comes to carrying the franchise to another Super Bowl visit. 

The Seahawks defense as a whole have only let up 26+ points once this season, and that was in their road game loss against the Green Bay Packers. 

All in all, each of these franchises have the best shot when it comes to representing the NFC conference in 2016. There are a few dark horses in this race, but look for one of these three franchises to go the distance. 

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