Top Landing Spots for Foster 

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Now that the Houston Texans have filled up their running back slot with Lamar Miller, which franchises should take a risk on Arian Foster? Check out the top 3 landing spots for the veteran running back:

3. New England Patriots 

With Blount being a free agent and Lewis coming off of a torn ACL, Foster could be the answer for the Patriots rushing attack issues. Look at what the Patriots have done with veteran running backs, and tell me this wouldn’t be a nice fit. The team ranked 30th in rushing yards per game in 2015, and it would not be smart to put all your eggs in Lewis basket.

2. Denver Broncos 

Even though the team has running backs on paper, there is no one that stands out to me. The Broncos won’t be able to rely on their passing game unless they land Ryan Fitzpatrick somehow. If you plug Foster into the program, it will be a nice reunion between Kubiak and Foster.

1. Miami Dolphins

With the dismissal of Lamar Miller, the Dolphins need a veteran running back on their roster. Scheduled to meet with the team already, don’t be surprised if Foster signs a deal with the Dolphins within the next couple weeks. The team already proved that running backs can be great in Miami, take Millers breakout season in 2015 as a prime example of that.

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