Top Five MLB Studs Who Could Be On The Move

The midway point will be approaching sooner than you think in the MLB regular season, and right now teams are deciding wether they will be buyers or sellers. Teams like the Brewers offer a plethora of talent and players that can help out contending teams. Those teams that are willing to trade a All-Star caliber player would most likely want a top prospect in return to build for the future. 

For example, the Astros who are playing excellent ball and have a deep farm system, will look to trade prospects to get key players for key positions to help them out during the stretch run. The complied list consists of the top five players that will likely be moving on within the next month or so.

5. INF Ben Zobrist (Oakland A’s)

Zobrist is intriguing. He’s not having a great season, but because he can play multiple positions, a team contending can use his versatility and plug him anywhere in the infield or outfield if need be. The Mets have been linked to Zobrist who’s numbers don’t resemble what he can normally put up, but the veteran player in a change of scenery could contribute to a team looking to upgrade especially in the middle of the infield.

4. RP Jonathan Papelbon (Philadelphia Phillies)

Teams like the Chicago Cubs and Toronto Blue Jays have talked to the Phillies about aquiring the services of the veteran closer. Papelbon is owed 8.5 million this year with another 13 million for next season. According to sources close to the Phillies, they would be willing to eat a major part of the money that is owed to Papelbon in return for some younger players as they go through their rebuilding stage. Papelbon has a 12 saves in 24 games with a ERA of 1.13. Closers are hard to come buy, so expect him to be dealt sooner than later.

3. 3B Aramis Ramirez (Milwaukee Brewers)

Some say that the trade talks have affected the performance of the veteran slugger. Ramirez is off to a slow start, hitting .223 with 7 HRs and 24 RBIs. The team as a whole is in the cellar of the NL Central and things are not looking like they are going to get better. Ramirez offered a statement to reporters about trade talks.
“I haven’t really thought about it. If i get traded so be it. I cant control that. I don’t have a no-trade clause”. He’s expressed his desire to stay in Milwaukee, but the Brewers seem like they want to head into a different direction. Someone looking for some right handed pop with a decent glove at third should give the Brew Crew a call.

2. OF Carlos Gomez (Milwaukee Brewers)

You can make a case that a good portion of the Brewers team will be on the trade block. Carlos Gomez is possibly the sole player that ignites the Brewers offense. He’s passionate and plays the game with a competitive fire that is unrivaled. Gomez can be a spark for a team in the playoff hunt. The Brewers’ outfielder can still produce and would be a lightning rod for a team that can afford to give up some prospects. 

1. SP Johnny Cueto (Cincinnati Reds)    

Big name starting pitchers usually create some buzz near the trade deadline. Everyone needs that frontline starter, and the price tag for a pitcher of Cueto’s caliber could be very steep. The Reds have been decimated by injuries and are near the bottom of the division. Cueto is 4-4 with a ERA of 2.85 and is pitching well. He can be a top of the rotation guy, and when used properly, could dominate teams and become one of the best pitchers in baseball. Cueto will draw a lot of interest, and if dealt, it could be a win for the Reds as they look to get younger for the future.

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