Five Landing Spots For Tom Brady In 2020


It is no secret that New England Patriots’ Tom Brady has a big decision to make this offseason. He will become an unrestricted free agent, and with that comes the choice of where his career goes from. Here are a few of the teams who could obtain the services of the six-time Super Bowl champion:

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5. Retirement

An obvious and very realistic next destination for Tom Brady is retirement. He has accomplished more in the sport than any other player. There is no real reason for him to continue to play and take the punishment of the NFL other than passion and desire. He also has a family to think about and taking unnecessary risks usually isn’t a good idea.

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4. Los Angeles Chargers

Brady in Los Angeles could work for two big reasons: The first being the franchise could use the star power. The greatest quarterback of all time could be a quick remedy for the Chargers fan support. Secondly, Philip Rivers would be better served somewhere else and could use a fresh start.

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3. Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders need to make a big splash when they open their new stadium in Las Vegas. What better way to do so then with the acquisition of an all time great? Head coach Jon Gruden is not married to Derek Carr and it is not out the realm of possibility that he’d be ready to move on.

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2. Denver Broncos

While Denver seems to have a quarterback in place, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t change their plans if a Hall of Fame option became available. After all, they have done it before. John Elway signed Peyton Manning following a season in which he had one a division title and a playoff win with Tim Tebow. The Broncos are always in win-now mode and would jump at chance at another Super Bowl run.

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1. New England Patriots

The possibility of the Patriots and Tom Brady taking one more shot at a title is always in the cards. Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Brady have been a package deal for 20 years and it’s only right they get to end it on their own terms. Finally, New England is realistically the most comfortable situation for Brady to be in if he decides to play next year.

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