Top 5 WWE Stars Who Should Ask For Release!


The WWE is a product that we all love to love and sometimes love to hate. The WWE is capable of producing some great content, that gives us something to look forward to watching every single week. Not to mention, the WWE has arguably the most passionate fans around.

However, for all the great things the WWE does, there is usually something bad. One of the main issues most fans have, are seeing their favorite superstars be wrongly misused. Some stars are unjustifiably misused. Some eventually pack their bags and go to another company, to save themselves from obscurity.

While Cody Rhodes is the most recent to joining talented stars such as Wade Barrett, to want out of the company. I decided to look at the WWE roster and see who should also ask for a release from the company, as they’ve been wrongfully drowned with obscurity. Keep in mind that these are stars who have NOT asked for a release already as far as we know, so Ryback will not be on this list.

5. Goldust

Goldust debuted in the year 1990 with the WWF. His official debut was in the year of 1988. So, though he’s come and gone from the WWE, it has been 26 years since he debuted with the WWE. Goldust is now 47 years of age and working for the company as barely a comedic act.

I say barely, because it’s hard to call this 5 month storyline with R Truth is funny, but clearly the WWE is attempting to make it seem as such. Goldust has nothing left to prove and shouldn’t continue hurting his legacy by sticking around for these unmemorable moments. Goldust’s last chance of a relevant story line was released earlier this week in Cody Rhodes.

4. Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger is all around, a very talented WWE star. His mic skills may leave a lot to be desired, but his pairing with Zeb Coulter did him wonders. Some probably forgot that Swagger is even on the WWE roster.

In fairness to the WWE though, Jack Swagger did kill his own WWE push when he received a DUI and drug possession arrest after a Smackdown taping in February of 2013. However, with that being said, it’s been 3 years. It may be time for Swagger to take his talents elsewhere to try and rebuild himself similar to how Drew Mcintyre has done.

3. Tyler Breeze

Now, unlike the other stars, Tyler Breeze has age squarely on his side. He’s still just 28 years of age. Though, he’s still in the early stages being on the main roster, Breeze seems to be in the beginning of an extremely misused career.

Breeze is a great talent in the ring and hasn’t had any significant feud since he beat Dolph Ziggler at Survivor Series in November. He’s simply too talented of a wrestler to remain in this obscurity for any longer. Breeze would make a great talent for a organization like Ring of Honor and could create value for himself.

2. Curtis Axel

When Curtis Axel was repackaged and paired with Paul Heyman in May of 2013, he seemed to primed for a solid revival of a career that was oozing of potential. He was endorsed by stars such as Randy Orton and even The Rock. Not to mention, he’s the son of Mr. Perfect himself.

He’s extremely talented in the ring, though he may never be a main eventer, he certainly deserves more than being a side piece to Heath Slater in the Social Outcasts. Curtis Axel is 36 years old now and his career will go down as a bust, unless he could revive himself in another company.

1. Dolph Ziggler

In my opinion, this man has been the victim of being misused more than any other WWE star still on the roster. Dolph Ziggler has been in the WWE since 2005, when he debuted with the infamous “Spirit Squad.”

Since then, Ziggler has worked his tail off and has consistently improved in all his weaknesses. Ziggler has succeeded as both a heel and a face, as he’s been one of the most over WWE stars we have seen. It seems as though the WWE universe has given up though, as the WWE seems hell bent on NOT pushing Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler is a two time World Champion, but both were forgettable. The last time he held a World Title, Ziggler would unfortunately suffer a concussion and would subsequently drop the belt to Alberto Del Rio. Since then, the WWE has done NOTHING with Dolph Ziggler and he’s ultimately just a jobber now. Ziggler is still 35 years old, and has plenty of years in him before he decides to hang up his boots.


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