Top 5 NBA Prospects of 2016

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As the NBA season is underway, some fans are already looking into next years draft. Teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers are working to rebuild their franchise through the draft, but who are the top prospects? Well here it is, the top five prospects of 2016:

5. Jaylen Brown, Cal (Freshman, Forward) 

This 6’7″ freshman has a lot to offer. In 21 games so far, Brown has averaged 15.5 PPG, 5.5 RPG and even 1.9 APG. Not only is he a great man to place in the paint, but he is one of the better defensive prospects in the NCAA. Playing alongside Ivan Rabb, Jaylen Brown is one of the hotter freshman in the upcoming draft.

4. Jakob Poeltl, Utah (Sophmore, Center) 

Originally from Austria, Potelel is 7’0″ and 230 pounds, making him one of the bigger prospects this year (literally and metaphorically). Averaging 7.6 RPG, he is defiantly a good match for a team that needs improvement on the rebounding game. Expect for Poeltl to go early in the upcoming draft.

3. Brandon Ingram, Duke (Freshman, Forward) 

With a 7’3″ wingspan, Ingram is one of the best players looking to go “one and done” in college. From Kinston High School originally, Ingram won himself four straight state titles, proving himself as a pure winner. Only being 17 right now, many NBA teams can look at Ingram as someone with a whole lot of upside to his name.

2. Skal Labbissiere, Kentucky (Freshman, Center)

Sensing a pattern of freshman dominanting this leaderboard?  Labbissiere has been dominant this season in the NCAA, although there is question about violations including the prep school he attended back in high school. As he still needs to develop his post moves, Labbissiere would be a strong player to place off your bench or even as your starting center.

1. Ben Simmons, LSU (Freshman, Forward) 

LSU may not be the greatest team this year, but Ben Simmons is something special. He has been a struggle to keep up with against every single SEC opponent this year. This Austrailian native is for sure going to be gone in the top 3 for this years draft, and frantically I’d be shocked if he wasn’t taken #1 overall.

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