Top 5 Money In The Bank Matches in WWE History


As the title says, I will be breaking down the Top 5 Money in the Bank matches in history. When I say that I mean the actual Money in the Bank match, not the PPV. Perhaps that could be another list down the road. But with no further to do, here is the Top 5 Money in the Bank matches in history. Keep in mind all aspects come into play. The winner, the cash-in, the actual match, etc.



  I want to start this off with a match that should’ve made the list. That would be the 2007 MITB (Money in the Bank) ladder match which took place at WrestleMania 23. It was a great match with a great, young star winning the match. However, the winner (Mr. Kennedy), would soon get injured and Edge would win the briefcase in match (defeating Kennedy, writing him off TV) after the injury became known. Then Edge would then cash-in on the Undertaker on SmackDown, (even though Edge was a Raw superstar) and would transfer to SmackDown? It all became very confusing after the injury, thus putting this match as the honorable mention.

 NUMBER 5: 2014 (Actual Money In the Bank Match) 

  As I said, this is just the actual Money in the Bank match, so it may be confusing to why I had to specific for this one. In the lead-up to this PPV (Pay-Per-View) , the champion (Daniel Bryan) had to vacate the title due to injury. Thus, the ladder match that had been announced was changed into a ladder match for the title. So, a new ladder match was made and won by Seth Rollins. This made it’s way on to the list due to the winner and the cash-in. Seth Rollins was already a great heel, but didn’t quite have anything to brag about, so when he won this match it made perfect sense because now he had something to brag about. Also, the cash-in was amazing, because it was the very first time that the briefcase had been cashed in at Wrestlemania. This match happened on the Money in the Bank PPV in 2014.

NUMBER 4: 2013 

  When this match happened, the brand split was sorta still a thing. There was a SmackDown and Raw roster difference, but stars of each show appeared on both shows. It was a very confusing time, so the MITB match was split up by the major titles, (World Heavyweight for SmackDown and WWE for Raw). So in all fairness (actually both matches were too good to pick from), I have lumped together the Raw and SmackDown matches for this year. The SmackDown match saw the young stars fight for the contract, which was won by Damien Sandow. The Raw match was with older, “All-Stars” and also included the return of Rob Van Dam. The Raw match was won by Randy Orton. While Orton’s cash-in was great, (largely due to the fact that it drew a ton of heel heat) Damien Sandow’s was not as Sandow lost to John Cena, who had just suffered a beat down and still beat Sandow. It is blamed of Sandow losing any and all momentum he had at that point in time. This happened on the Money in the Bank PPV in 2013.

NUMBER 3: 2006 

  This was the 2nd MITB ladder match in history. It featured superstars from Raw and SmackDown. This, besides being a great match and having a great cash-in, also makes the list because of personal opinion. This was the first WrestleMania (WrestleMania 22)  I ever watched, so of course I have some bias. But at least it was a good match right? The cash-in was also amazing. The winner, Rob Van Dam, announced he would face the champion at the time, (John Cena) at the ECW “One Night Stand” PPV. It was a great atmosphere at the PPV with the crowd-favorite (ECW Cult Hero, Rob Van Dam) going over and winning the title. It was pretty much everything you could ask for in a MITB match, besides an old, wrinkly Ric Flair taking bumps off the ladder.

NUMBER 2: 2008 

  This MITB match almost got here solely based on the fact it lead to CM Punk’s first major title run. But it also had other great things about it. The return of “inventor” of the match (Chris Jericho) and Matt Hardy returning to attack MVP (who had Kayfabe injured in a few months prior) were among things that made this match #2 all time greatest. The cash-in also helped Punk on many levels. After being drafted to Raw, he cashed in on current champion (Edge) on his first Raw, then defended the title later that night. This did wonders for building Punk with the crowd, so when Punk came back after being written off TV the crowd immediately connected with him again. This match happened at WrestleMania 24.

NUMBER 1: 2005  

  They say the first one is always the greatest right? Well in this case it is. The match, making it’s debut at WrestleMania 21, was a success off the bat. The crowd was into ever second of the match, popping for the smallest of things. It was filled with many exciting moments, but most importantly it helped launched the Main Event run of WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Edge. Edge, who won the match, had been stuck in the mid-card since the early 00’s. With winning this (and turning heel), he was able to climb into the main event after cashing in (successfully) on current champion (John Cena). Even if after losing the title Edge wasn’t in the title match every PPV, he was in Main Event scene for the next (and last) 6 years of his in-ring career.

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