Top 5 “Money In The Bank” Cash-In’s


The Money In The Bank Ladder Match has always been a creative twist on the standard ladder match concept and is usually one of the most talked about and best moments in the WWE year in and year out. The Money In The Bank match works as followed:

  • Multiple superstars competed in a ladder match. 
  • One man has to climb up a ladder and secure a contract that states the winner is to get a World Heavyweight Championship (or WWE Championship) match, anywhere, any time of his choosing. This is also known as a cash-in. 
  • The have been 17 attempts. Let’s rank the five best


#5: The Miz (2010)

The Miz following his cash-in on Randy Orton (credit: WWE.com)

In late 2010 The Miz was starting to reach new heights and become the number one heel in the WWE. What’s the best way to capitalize on this? Have him take the title from Randy Orton (the face of WWE at this point) moments after Orton suffered from a brutal group attack from the hands of Nexus; and that’s exactly what they did when the Miz cashed in on Randy Orton in 2010. It was the extra boost that solidified The Miz as WWE’s #1 heel, at the time at least. Just to get an idea as to how much heat he had? The Miz girl is now iconic for her angry face.

#4: CM Punk (2009)

CM Punk with the WHC following his Extreme Rules Cash-In (WWE.com)

Up until 2009, CM Punk hadn’t really done anything big in WWE. He had some tag title runs, a run in ECW in early 2007, and in 2008 was the World Champion. However, all were very forgettable due to Punk’s generic face character. It wasn’t until in 2009 when Punk cashed in on a fan favorite Jeff Hardy and turned heel did he become a legit star in the company. This cash-in was the perfect exit for Jeff Hardy from the company and the pathway for CM Punk to quickly rise through the ranks in WWE, as Punk retired Hardy just mere months later.

#3: Edge (2005/2006)

Edge and Lita after defeating John Cena (WWE.com0

Although Edge won the briefcase in 2005, he didn’t cash in until 2006, which was served as the year Edge established himself from mid-card/possible main event to 100% main event. Edge performed the very first cash-in in WWE history and it couldn’t have been written perfectly. Edge was known as the “ultimate opportunist” and this cash-in lived up to that moniker. John Cena, the current champion, had just endured a grueling Elimination Chamber match and was bleeding, barely conscious when Edge’s music hit and Edge cashed in. It gave the fans a break from Cena, elevated a minor PPV (New Years Revolution), and gave Edge a permanent spot in the main event.

#2: Rob Van Dam (2006)

RVD announces his Money in the Bank  Cash-In (WWE.com)

When Rob Van Dam won the match at WrestleMania 22 it was a questionable call. However, when the re-emerging of ECW came about, it all made sense. RVD was an ECW legend and what better way to reboot the former-company-now-brand ECW then to have a legend of the company beat the #1 guy in WWE (John Cena) at ECW’s first PPV back, One Night Stand (2006)? That’s exactly what they did and it worked out perfectly. The hardcore crowd was very anti-WWE/anti-Cena and created a marvelous scene when Rob Van Dam dethroned John Cena, even if the ECW and RVD projects didn’t exactly work out. It set up a moment that will stand the test of time, in front of the ECW Faithful.

#1: Seth Rollins (2015)

Seth Rollins following his cash-in. (WWE.com)

It was WrestleMania 31 and the main event had the crowd gloomy and livid. It was fan-hated (not in a good way either). Roman Reigns vs part-timer Brock Lesnar for the WWE title. The fans were looking at either a rushed Roman Reigns title reign or the title being absent until Summerslam with Brock Lesnar working a part-time schedule. That was until the man known as Cross Fit Jesus, otherwise known as Seth Rollins, showed up and made history, which included saving the main event of the biggest show in WWE. Seth Rollins became the first person to ever cash-in at WrestleMania so for that, saving the main event, and cashing-in mid-match, he gets the honor of the best Money In The Bank Cash-In EVER.

Image Source: WWE.com

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