Top 5 MLB Starting Pitchers 


As the MLB is preparing for the 2016 season, let’s check out the top five best starting pitchers going into the regular season: 
5. Max Scherzer, Washington Nationals

Over the last three seasons in the MLB, Scherzer has proven to be one of the most dominant aces in the game. During that period of time, Scherzer had an ERA under 3.00 (2.94) and only recorded for ten unearned runs. Expect for Scherzer to stride with mid-90’s pitches, but to also be forced to produce a lot of innings for the Nats this year. 

4. David Price, Boston Red Sox

The Sox paid top dollar for Price this offseason, and now hope that he is worth all that money. With an ERA+ of 126, the five-time all star has earned his way onto the list. I don’t have as much faith in Price as I should, but it’s hard to bet against someone who has been so good for so long. 

3. Zack Greinke, Arizona Diamondbacks

2015 was Greinke’s best season of his career, and I expect his stats to be quite similar, even in a new uniform. Greinke may not be able to keep his 1.66 ERA, but expect him to be placed on the mound for 190-215 innings this year (pending health). Greinke is one of my favorite pitchers in the game today simply because he dominantes every single time. 

2. Jake Arrieta, Chicago Cubs

Coming off a Cy Young winning season, Arrieta has been a gift from the heavens for the Cubs. This man will simply give it his all in every start he is given. My prediction for Arrieta is for him to dominate the NL once again, stealing the Cy Young for the second straight season. 

1. Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers

Did you really expect anyone else at number one? Kershaw has been the best pitcher arguably for the past five years in the league, and this year will be no different. Coming off a season of striking out just over 300 batters, Kershaw to me could have even capitalized in some games. Expect for Kershaw to keep the Dodgers in contention, as he will be looked at as the clear-cut ace since there is no more Greinke.   

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