Top 5 Extreme Rules Matches

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In honor of today being the WWE pay-per-view Extreme Rules, I’ll be sharing my top 5 matches on the pay-per-view. Please note this is opinion based so you may not agree with my list. If you feel the need, comment your own list. I’ll count down from five to one.

5. Daniel Bryan vs Kane

This match was a title defense of the ultimate underdog, the leader of the Yes Movement Daniel Bryan against his former partner, the demon, Kane. This match had extreme moments. Kane lost without looking like a jobber, plus we got to see a flaming table, flaming tables are always good.

4. The Shield vs Evolution

In the buildup of this feud, the Shield had disrespected the authority by administering their form of Justice. Triple H needed and answer and found one, reuniting with Randy Orton and Batista to form Evolution. During the duration of the buildup, Ric Flair sided with the Shield, and Evolution had 10 men beat down the Shield. Extreme Rules was the night for the revenge of the Shield and they got revenge. Rollins’ jump from the stands was spectacular and the match was great. Even if none of the Shield were eliminated.

3. Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

At Wrestlemania 28 everybody was expecting a good match between Bryan and Sheamus, the opposite happened. 18 seconds later Sheamus was declared the winner. Looking back at this match, I’m thankful for the 18 second disappointment at Mania 28. During this 2 of 3 falls match we got a wrestling clinic. The crowd was solidly behind Bryan, adding to the face/heel dynamic. This was a tactically clever match. Bryan weakened Sheamus’ shoulder the first bout and took a DQ to set up the Yes Lock for the next fall. The last fall was back and forth but Sheamus eventually won with a Brogue Kick.

2. John Cena vs Brock Lesnar

Though I, like many fans, was unhappy about the result this was a solid match. The buildup was great. Brock Lesnar made his return to WWE at Wrestlemania 28. He F5’d Cena, who had just lost a big match to The Rock. Lesnar had bloodied Cena on Raw. In the opening of this match, Cena was busted open by an elbow to the head. Lesnar mauled Cena. But in the end Cena overcame the odds (…again..) and knocked Lesnar out with his chain.

  1. Edge vs Jeff Hardy

This match was billed as 10 years in the making. This ladder match went everywhere and proved the ladder match was for Edge and Jeff Hardy. Hardy endured a fall into a collapsing ladder early on and Edge was sent into the ladder runs with a front Suplex as it sat upside down. The two pulled off athletic and innovative moves that kept us guessing. Both crashed through a ladder in a big spot. Jeff tied Edges body to the ladder steps and won his first world title. Edge had finally done it. Until CM Punk came downstairs, cashed in, and stole his moment.

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