Top 5 Current Wrestling Tag Teams


Over the years, one of the most popular forms of wrestling has been tag teaming. It has evolved since it has begun, and here are some tag teams that are currently tearing up wrestling:

5. The Addiction

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian came together in 2012 on a quest to become the greatest tag team to step into the ring. Pairing up in over twenty companies, as well as having become two-time champions in TNA and ROH, these two have certainly earned their spots on this list.

The first obstacle during their run as TNA Tag Team champions came against two wrestling sensations in Samoa Joe and Magnus, which happened to be less than a month into their title reign. Over the years, the duo would go on to secure multiple championship belts, which then resulted in them being recognized over time.

In 2014, The Addiction joined ROH in a debut for the tag titles against ReDragon, and although they came up short, the pair showed the potential they truly had. Later on in the year, the two defeated War Machine, The Briscoe Brothers, and The Decade. This would earn them another shot at the gold, but once again, the tag team came up short.

One year later, the duo would find their stride and finally defeat ReDragon. Although they eventually lost their belts to The Kingdom, The Addiction had a lengthy reign of 167 days, defeating a handful of notable challengers in the process.

4. The New Day 

You may think of these three as a joke, but these men are talented competitors nonetheless. The New Day has accomplished solo career success as well, with Kofi Kingston being known as the former Intercontinental and United States Champion. As for Big E Langston, he happens to be a former Intercontinental and NXT Champion. While Xavier Woods may not have had the same achievements as the others, his in-ring presence, ability and charisma has made him a key part of The New Day.

The New Day has had two reigns with the WWE Tag Team Championship before it changed to the Raw Tag Team Championship. The first reign from the group came from defeating Tyson Kidd and Cesaro at Extreme Rules 2015. This was not a long of a reign by any means, as it only lasted 49 days. Battling against the odds, this did not determine the direction the group would go, as they went on to win back the titles at SummerSlam 2015, and then became known as the longest reigning Tag Team Champions.

This reign lasted over a year, ending at 483 days. After The New Day joined Smackdown Live at the recent brand shuffle, they now happen to already be on title scene.

3. British Strong Style 

Known as one of the most formidable teams to step into the squared circle, British Strong Style has won championships in nearly every company they have entered, including the WWE. All three members entered the WWE in the inaugural WWE United Kingdom championship tournament. During that tournament, all three members won their first round match-ups, where Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate managed to get to the finals.

Later on at NXT TakeOver Chicago, the two finalists faced off once again, where Dunne managed to reel in the gold. Even though they are currently champions in Progress Wrestling, the group still works in other British independent shows such as Insane Championship Wrestling, and are a key reason the WWE is cutting deals with British wrestling companies.

2. The Hardy Boyz

When you talk about an influential tag team, The Hardy Boyz must be mentioned. Winning an outstanding 30 titles between them in several promotions and still going strong, it makes you wonder whether these two are immortal. Evolving as a duo for the last 24 years only proves that The Hardy Boyz are one of the most accomplished tag teams in the history of the game.

Working primarily with TNA and WWE throughout their careers, the tag team has gone through the necessary motions, winning just about every WWE title eligible in their path. With that, is there anything these two have not accomplished in tag team wrestling? With their eventual return to the WWE at Wrestlemania 33, time will tell whether they still maintain their raw talent.

1. The Young Bucks

Refusing to actually to sign with the WWE, The Young Bucks have put their hearts and souls into the Independent circuit, and it has clearly shown. Known as an extremely talented duo, we have witnessed the two showcase themselves within independent scenes, often drawing in sellout crowds. As honorary members of The Bullet Club, the tag team has shown what hard work can amount to in the wrestling industry.

Currently holding three tag titles as it is, The Young Bucks have also formed small factions of their own, such as the “Hung Bucks” with Adam Page, and “The Elite” with Kenny Omega.

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